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MH Travel organizes the first free city tour in the capital of Montenegro!

Everyone can participate.

Finally, the city of Podgorica gets the free city tour, and we are very proud to be the first travel company who will put Podgorica on the list of the world famous free city tours.

Podgorica is and administrative and commercial capital of Montenegro. For anyone travelling through Montenegro it is almost impossible to miss as all major roads meet here. With its wide selection of hotels and other necessities, Podgorica also makes an excellent starting point for visiting most of the central Montenegro in one day trips.

Our guide will give you all the informations that you need to know about the city, he will lead you through the most important sites of the town and make you to extend your staying.. Number of participants is limited, so hurry and make your reservation on time.



MH Travel Team 

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3rd of September...from 16:15 up to 19:00 

5th of September ..from 16:15 up to 19:00  

8th of September...from 10:30 up to 13:30 

9th of September...from 09:00 up to 12:00 

10th of September.from 16:15 up to 19:00  

12th of September.from 16:15 up to 19:00 

15th of September.from 10:30 up to 13:30  

16th of September.from 09:00 up to 12:00  

17th of September.from 16:15 up to 19:00  

19th of September.from 16:15 up to 19:00 

22nd of September.from 10:30 up to 13:30 

23rd of September..from 09:00 up to 12:00   

24th of September..from 16:15 up to 19:00 

26th of September..from 16:15 up to 19:00  

29th of September..from 10:30 up to 13:30 

30th of September..from 09:00 up to 12:00 



NOTE: Schedule for the next month will be updated up to 5 days before the next month starts.


Podgorica Free City Tour is a walking tour. Insightful and informative walks with local guide who will tell you about the city’s history, society, architecture, cuisine, night-life and much more. Focused around the most relevant sights of Podgorica City. The goal of this walking tour is to discover and experience our city through the eyes of insiders, to bring to life streets, monuments and churches, and of course, to have fun. The tour ends at the Clock Tower next to the Montenegro Hostel B&B Podgorica.


For more info about the tour and booking, contact us on e-mail montenegrohostel@gmail.com or by phone 0038269039751

Hope you will enjoy on our tour:)


  1. Montenegro Hostel B&B Podgorica ( Address: Radoja Jovanovica 52)
  2. Doganjska Mosque
  3. Skaline
  4. Republic Square
  5. St.George Church
  6. Millennium Bridge
  7. Russian Bridge
  8. Vladimir Vysotsky Monument
  9. Cathedral of the Resurrection of Christ
  10. Roman Square
  11. King Nikola's Palace
  12. Clock Tower