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We recommend Biogradska Gora National Park to every nature lover. Biogradska Gora is a forest and a national park in Montenegro within Kolašin municipality. It is the site of one of the last three large virgin forests in Europe. The landscape is one of mountain ridges, glacial lakes, and temperate forest. Biogradska Gora is the smallest National Park in Montenegro but its beauty is much more above its size of landscape territory. This tour is created specially for all guests who stay in the city of Podgorica. Biogradska Gora National Park is not so convenient to reach by public transportation and the tour is a perfect solution to get there. Also, the shade from the thick forest and refreshing air from the glacier lake makes warm days in Podgorica (especially in the summer) much more enjoyable. Before we reach Biogradska Gora National Park we will visit the oldest orthodox monastery in Montenegro named Moraca as well as the canyon of the river Moraca, at the end of the tour we will visit the small but lovely city of Kolasin, which restaurants offers amazing traditional food. Don't miss this tour because we can guarantee you some unforgettable moments. 



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From EUR 35

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8:30 departure from Podgorica 
9:30 arrival to Monastery Moraca
Visit monastery of 30 minutes
10:00 departure from Monastery Moraca
10:30 arrival to Crkvine
Breakfast break of 1 hour
11:30 departure from Crkvine
12:00 arrival to Biogradska Gora
Sightseeing of Biograska Gora of 2 hours
14:00 departure from Biogradska Gora
14:30 arrival in Kolasin
Visit Kolasin and lunch break of 90 minutes
16:00 departure from Kolasin
17:30 arrival in Podgorica


First part of the tour-Canyon of River Moraca and Moraca Monastery 

The tour starts in Podgorica at 8:30 am. From there we will be heading for Biogradska Mountain. The road will take us through the beautiful canyon of river Moraca 30 minutes of driving from Podgorica. Moraca River has one of the most beautiful river canyons in Motenegro, which separates Moracke Planine range (Moraca’s Mountains) from Sinjajevina Mountain range and covers the south-eastern part of the central region of Montenegro. This canyon is smaller than Tara River Canyon but just as impressive. Length of the canyon is 35 km, and the depth reaches up to 1000 meters. We will do a photo stop in the canyon. 
After one hour of passing through the canyon we will come to our first destination Monastery Morača, the oldest monastery in Montenegro (12th century). Moraca Monastery is set in a spectacular position right at the beginning of the canyon of River Moraca.The position is further emphasized by the scenic Svetigora waterfall about 25 meters high, plunging noisily just behind the complex, making it one of the famous motifs on many pictures. The monastery was founded in 1251-52 by Price Stefan, son of Vukan and grandson of Stefan Nemanja, the founder of the Nemanjić dynasty. Some of the frescoes are from the Byzantine era. After we visit Monastery Moraca then continue to Crkvine situated at the altitude of 1040 meters where we will make a break for breakfast. The view from the restaurant on Moracke Mountains is fantastic.

Second part of the tour-Biogradska Gora National Park and Biogradsko Lake 

Next stop will be National Park of Biogradska Mountain. We’ll arrive at the park in 30 minutes. When we make a turn for the park the road will take us through the virgin forests where the height of some trees reaches up to 50 meters and after 5 km we will reach the beautiful glacier lake, known as Biogradsko Lake. The lake is surrounded by the mountain peaks three of which have a height of above 2000 meters. The break of two hours is enough for one of the options to go around the lake. You can rent a rowboat and row on the lake. There is 20% of endemic species of Balkans on Biogradsko Mountain. If you don’t want to row you can follow the path around the lake walking. Except passing through a forest full of oak, beech, fir and elm trees, and being able to make some stunning photos, in few spots you will also be able to watch birds, like eagles and hawks using binoculars. There you can also find 80 species of butterflies which is 40% of the total number you can find in Montenegro. Biogradska Mountain is nature’s masterpiece and its beautiful no matter when you visit: in spring, summer or autumn. If you like photography we guarantee you will make some photos you will proudly show to your friends.

Third part of the tour-City of Kolasin

After visiting Biogradska Gora National Park we will descend to city of Kolasin, which is a well-known Montenegrin ski center. River Tara flows through this small but attractive city, which is also surrounded by the Mountains Bjelasica, Sinjajevina, Vucje and Komovi. This town was founded in 1651. by the Turks. Today Kolasin is a touristic center dedicated to ski tourism, eco tourism on the surrounding mountains, which includes many activities such as jeep safari, horse riding, mountain biking, climbing and rafting on Tara river. This town is also known for its very healthy domestic food which we will try as we make a lunch break in a traditional restaurant. After the lunch we will head back for Podgorica.

NOTE: Entrance fee for Biogradska Gora of 3 euro is not included in the price as well as breakfast in Crkvine and lunch in Kolasin. Those additional costs can be from 20-25 euro.

But if you want you can bring your own food and drink. Breakfast and lunch are not obligatory.

The price for the tour includes licensed tour guide in English language. Tour is organized by air conditioned car, mini van or mini bus.


For more info about the tour and booking, contact us on e-mail or by phone 0038269039751

Hope you will enjoy on our tour:)


  1. Podgorica departure point from Montenegro Hostel B&B Podgorica (Address: Radoja Jovanovica 52)
  2. Monastery Moraca
  3. Biogradska Gora National Park
  4. Kolasin