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Podgorica Wine And History Tour is completely dedicated to everyone who wants to learn more about the capital of Montenegro in a beautiful way. If you take this tour you will be surprised how interesting is the city of Podgorica with its history, culture and natural attractions. This Tour lasts 7 hours and it will show you most of the city attractions, from fantastic archeological findings, river canyons and waterfalls, fortresses and a monastery hidden in a cave. Tasting excellent wine Vranac in one the biggest wine cellar in Europe will be definitely the highlight of the tour.

So, don't miss it and enjoy us on the tour.


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10:00 departure in front of Montenegro Hostel Podgorica (Address: Radoja Jovanovica 52, Stara Varos)
10:30 arrival to Medun 
Visit fortress and museum of 1 hour
11:30 departure from Medun
12:00 arrival to Duclea 
Sightseeing of 30 minutes
12:30 arrival to Monastery Dajbabe 
Visit Monastery Dajbabe of 30 minutes
13:00 departure from Dajbabe
13:15 arrival to view point of Dajbaba Hill 
Photo stop on the view point of 15 minutes
14:00 arrival to Sipcanik, the biggest vineyard in Montenegro
Visit vineyard, cellars and tasting of the wine of 1 hour
15:00 departure from Sipcanik
15:30 arrival to waterfalls of River Cijevna
sightseeing and lunch break of 1 hour
17:00 arrival in Podgorica



Our first stop will be Medun where we will have an open panoramic view over Podgorica so we will take a short photo stop. There is the birth house of one of the most glorious heroes of Montenegro called duke Marko Miljanov, turned into museum. The fortress is above on a small hill where we will climb a few minutes and where a small church and duke's tomb are located.

After Medun we will go to Duclea, a very important archeological site near the city center. This place had been settled first by Illyrians and later, in the 1st century, Romans settled the city named Duclea on this very place.

Next stop will be Monastery Dajbabe. This orthodox monastery is located at the foot of the hill Dajbabe and it is very specific because monastery's Church of Assumption of the Holly Virgin is in the cave with a couple of corridors.

From the monastery we continue to the top of the Dajbabe hill from where you can make excellent photos of the area. From this viewpoint you can see Montenegrin famous vineyard “Planta┼że”, one of the biggest in Europe.

After that we will go to the vineyard and see the wine cellar, where we will be able to taste wine with cheese and bread. Also, guests will be able to take a ride on a small train through the vineyard.

At the end of the tour we will take a break for breakfast by the most attractive waterfall of river Cijevna. The river is just few meters wide but thanks to its rocks and sun beam reflection, it has impressive indigo blue clear water. Nature lovers will enjoy the scenery around the river while food lovers can try Montenegrin specialties at a nearby restaurant.

NOTE: Entrance fee for Medun of 1 euro is not included in the price as well as lunch on River Cijevna. Those additional costs can be from 10-15 euros.

But if you want you can bring your own food and drink.

The price for the tour includes licensed tour guide in English language and entrance fee in Sicanik of 10 euros. Tour is organized with an air-conditioned car or mini van.


  1. Podgorica departure point in front of Montenegro Hostel Podgorica (Address: Radoja Jovanovica 52
  2. Medun
  3. Duclea
  4. Monastery Dajbabe
  5. View point from Dajbaba Hill
  6. Wine cellar Sipcanik
  7. Waterfalls on River Cijevna