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Daily shore excursion in Montenegro
Departures from the port of Kotor
Highlights: The Blue Cave, Submarine Tunnel, and Our Lady of the Rocks 

Duration: 3 hours
Price per person €35.00 

Speedboat trips are quite popular in Kotor as one of the ideal opportunities for a short exploration of the bay from the sea for the guests who stay a few days in Kotor or even a few hours like cruise ship guests. Boka Bay has spectacular scenery, and there are several opportunities to explore it. One option is going all around by car and visiting the most popular places as we do on our Kotor Boka Bay Tour, or sailing and slowly exploring the bay as we do on our Sailing Boat Tours, or you can do it fast in only 3 hours taking by speed boat. The main highlight of the speed boat tour is visiting the Blue Cave. This is the only option from Kotor that you will in just one hour of the speed boat ride swim in the cave. The Blue Cave is located at the very entrance of the Boka Bay on peninsula Lustica (open seaside), across peninsula Prevlaka in Croatia. Reaching Blue Cave by car is not possible.

Type of the tour: speed boat tour
Highlights: The Blue Cave, island Mamula, submarine tunnel, and Lady of the Rock island
Duration: 3 hours
Total length: 27 nautical miles
No guided tour


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From EUR 35

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DEPARTURE AT 9:00 (9 am)
08:45 meeting time at the meeting point
15 minutes boarding
09:00 starts from Port of Kotor 
(1 hour of panorama ride)
10:00 arrival to Blue Cave
30 minutes break in the cave for swimming
10:30 departure from the Blue Cave
10:45 arrival to Mamula Island
11:00 arrival to Submarine Tunnel
5 minutes of photo stop in the tunnel
11:15 arrival to island Lady of the Rocks
Visit island Lady of the Rocks for 20 minutes
11:30 arrival to port in Kotor
DEPARTURE AT 12:00 (noon)
11:45 meeting time at the meeting point
15 minutes boarding
12:00 start from Port of Kotor 
(1 hour of panorama ride)
13:00 arrival to Blue Cave
30 minutes break in the cave for swimming
13:30 departure from the Blue Cave
13:45 arrival to Mamula Island
14:00 arrival to Submarine Tunnel
5 minutes of photo stop in the tunnel
14:15 arrival to island Lady of the Rocks
Visit island Lady of the Rocks for 20 minutes
15:30 arrival to port in Kotor
DEPARTURE AT 15:00 (3 pm)
14:45 meeting time at the meeting point
15 minutes boarding
15:00 start from Port of Kotor 
(1 hour of panorama ride)
16:00 arrival to Blue Cave
30 minutes break in the cave for swimming
16:30 departure from the Blue Cave
16:45 arrival to Mamula Island
17:00 arrival to Submarine Tunnel
5 minutes of photo stop in the tunnel
17:15 arrival to island Lady of the Rocks
Visit island Lady of the Rocks for 20 minutes
18:30 arrival to port in Kotor

from the 1st of April to the 1st of November 2022


Full description of the tour you can find HERE


We will start in front of the tourist info kiosk (next to the Main or Sea Gate in the old town) at 11:45. The boats are located in the Port of Kotor, just 70 meters away from the meeting point. Skippers will come and lead the guests to the boats.


After boarding, we will see Kotor Bay, Tivat Bay, Herceg Novi Bay, Mamula island, The Blue Cave, The Submarine Tunnel, and The Lady of the Rock.


Safe and nice ride by our boats: Sea Ray (maximum capacity 8 persons), The Active 555 Open (maximum capacity 8 persons), The Utern s 64 (maximum capacity 12 persons), The Monterey 720 (maximum capacity 8 persons).



This is not a guided tour. The skipper will tell you basic information about the places that you will visit and the speed ride will start, with an average speed of 25 nautical miles per hour (around 40 km per hour). We will start from the port of Kotor 3 times per day: 9:00 am, at noon (12:00), and 15:00 (3 pm), and go toward Verige, the exit/entrance of Kotor Bay. That ride lasts 20 minutes and guests will see from the left side of the bay Bokelian places Muo, Prcanj, and Stoliv, and on the right side of the bay places Dobrota, Ljuta, Orahovac, and Perast.

All those places make the municipality of Kotor. The line of traditional stone houses with small docks decorated with camellia, and oleander flowers, with green and brown shutters, are strung in between picturesque lighthouses and baroque churches. Mountains Lovcen, Vrmac, and Orjen frame the scenery. Whatever you look at is full of the absolute beauty of celebrating harmony between people and nature. Like a scene from some historical movie, miles far away from artificial cities and modern life, Kotor Bay leaves you breathless. Take your camera and just try to catch some of that beauty.

After we will pass Verige, the narrowest part of the bay we will enter another part of Boka Bay. From the left side, we will see Tivat Bay and its super modern marina Porto Montenegro with numerous yachts and we will see the island St. Marko, the biggest island in Boka Bay.

On the right side, we will see Herceg Novi Bay with very attractive luxury and brand new marina Porto Novi and the city Herceg Novi, which is the biggest city in the Bay of Boka. Our route will be at equal distances from both parts of the bay. In 20 minutes of the ride, we will be on the main exit/entrance of the whole Bay of Boka near Herceg Novi and very close to Croatia

There, we will see the island of Mamula, an ex-prison from the 19th century which is transforming into a hotel resort. We will make a panoramic ride close to the island and continue to the Blue Cave. We need 10 more minutes to go there. On the right side, you will see peninsula Prevlaka with the Fort of Prevlaka on the Croatian side of the bay entrance.

The Blue Cave is not easily visible and approached from a hidden entrance. The cave is big enough for a few speed boats at the same time. Guests will be able to swim and enjoy glittering blue reflections which makes the whole cave so special. Some boats play music or even have DJ, so guests shouldn't be surprised if the cave looks like a party zone for the short time especially in the summer season:)

We will be here for up to 30 minutes. After swimming and refreshing in the Blue Cave we will head back, but this time much closer to the village Rose on Peninsula Lustica to be able to get in in submarine tunnel. Peninsula has several submarine tunnels, which are no longer used but they are attractive to visit.

The visit to the tunnels lasts 10 minutes and after that, we are going to the Lady of the Rock, the most attractive island in Kotor Bay. Guests will be able to visit this man-made island with the lovely baroque church from the 17th of the century as well as a small church's museum with artifacts from Roman imperial up to today.

Artifacts show very unique silver plates given to the church by local people for centuries, as well as utensils, household items, navigation instruments, weapons, handmade embroidery, and paintings. Also, guests will have enough time to take wonderful photos on every corner of the island. After visiting Lady of the Rock, we will go back to the port of Kotor.

NOTE: In the very case of the large waves on the high seas that make it impossible to reach the blue cave guests will get a visit to Perast near the island of Lady of the Rocks.



The cut-off time for online booking is 2 hours before departure. 

Be aware that in the summer season the sun can be very intense, so take care of your skin and health. During the speedboat ride, it is not recommended to walk on the boat.

Boats are fully protected for a safe ride, according to the law. All skippers are licensed.


Entrance fee to the church's museum of 1 euro.

NOTE: We can also organize a private Speed Boat Tour. If you have any special requests contact us by e-mail at montenegrohostel@gmail.com


For COVID-19 info in Montenegro click HERE


Before you decide to purchase the tour ticket check our itinerary and terms and conditions


 For more info about the tour and booking, contact us on e-mail at montenegrohostel@gmail.com  or by phone (Viber and WhatsApp) at +38269039751 


Hope you will enjoy our tour:)

MH Travel Agency Team


  1. Starting point in front of Tourist Info Desk and Sea Gate (Main Gate in the old town of Kotor)
  2. Boarding in the Port of Kotor
  3. Blue Cave
  4. Mamula Island
  5. Submarine Tunnel
  6. Our Lady of The Rocks Island