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This 10-hours tour is one of the most popular tour among the guests. Montenegro Tour is shorter than Big Montenegro Tour and is a "homework" for every guest that wants to see the most important Montenegrin attractions only 80km from Budva and Kotor. This is an easy and pleasant tour with lots of stops, driving no longer than one hour at a time and we recommend it especially to our senior guests. Sea, mountains, lake, sea again, all in one magnificent day which is why we suggest it as a part of your trip.

We will visit highlights of Montenegro:Lovcen National Park with Mausoleum of Peter II Petrovic Njegos, Royal City of Cetinje, Rijeka Crnojevica on Lake Skadar and St.Stefan island.


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From EUR 35

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8:00 departure from Budva in front of Voli supermarket (Mediteranska street, next to the car park of hotel Avala and Mogren)
8:45 departure from Kotor in front of restauraunt Bastion 3 (Tabacina street, next to the North Gate of the old town of Kotor)
9:30 arrival to the 25th serpentine
Photo stop at 25th serpentine of 15 minutes
10:15 arrival to the Njegos's Mausoleum
Breakfast break and sightseeing of 75 minutes
11:30 departure from Mausoleum
12:00 arrival in Cetinje (Royal Capital city of Montenegro)
City tour in Cetinje of 60 minutes
13:00 departure from Cetinje
13:30 arrival to Rijeka Crnojevica (first capital of Montenegro)
Sightseeing  Rijeka Crnojevica of 30 minutes
14:00 arrival to the restaurant at Rijeka Crnojevica
Lunch break of 60 minutes
16:45 arrival to St.Stefan
Sightseeing on St.Stefan of 30 minutes
18:00 arrival in Budva (in front of Voli supermarket)
18:45 arrival to Kotor (in front of restaurant Bastion 3)


From Kotor to Lovcen National Park we will take the famous old road built by Austro-Hungarian Empire (1879-1884), which consists of 25 serpentines with amazing view on the Kotor Bay-prepare your cameras:) Guests will be able to have traditional Montenegrin breakfast: domestic bread, Montenegrin prosciutto and cheese in restaurant under Mausoleum of Peter II Petrovic Njegos, as well as to visit the Mausoleum. Note: visiting the Mausoleum is only possible by going up 460 stairs.

Royal Capital City of Cetinje is the most historical city in Montenegro.

Ostrog Monastery is visited by over one million people from all over the world each year. This is the most magnificent orthodox monastery in Montenegro.

Rijeka Crnojevica is a small village located on the 14 km long river Crnojevica, which flows in Lake Skadar on its attractive way.

St.Stefan is the world famous village on a small island, which is transformed in hotel resort in nowadays.

NOTE: Entrance fee for Lovcen National Park of 2 euros is not included in the price. Entrance fee for Mausoleum of 3 euros is not included in the price. Breakfast and lunch is not included in the price of the tour.

In total, all tickets, breakfast, lunch and snack will cost you 15-20 euros. But if you want you can bring your own food and drink.

The price for the tour includes licensed tour guide in English language. Tour is organized with a air-conditioned mini bus.


  1. Budva departure point in front of Voli supermarket (Mediteranska street)
  2. Kotor departure point in front of restauraunt Bastion 3 (Tabacina street)
  3. 25th of serpentine
  4. Mausoleum of Peter II Petrovic Njegos
  5. Royal Capital City of Cetinje
  6. View point of Lake Skadar
  7. Village of Rijeka Crnojevica
  8. Restaurant for lunch break
  9. St.Stefan