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Boka Kotorska ( in Italian bocche meaning “mouth”) is a region surrounding one of the grandest natural features of east Adriatic- the Gulf of Kotor, a series of four bays penetrating 25 km of inland. The names of bays are Bay of Kotor, Bay of Risan, Bay of Herceg Novi and Bay of Tivat. If you want to get to know the places, history and natural beauty of this magnificent bay, we recommend this tour organized by MH Travel.

This tour will leave you breathless. With an easy driving schedule with many breaks, this tour is a great option for all generations. 


When we planned this tour in 2011, we had a very ambitious itinerary and we visited all the attractions in the Bay of Kotor, including the peninsula Lustica. This tour was exceptionally accepted by numerous guests. In the meantime, the construction of tourist complexes with very frequent road traffic congestion began to start on the Lustica peninsula, so the existing itinerary became unsustainable. The new concept of the tour enables us to stay longer in the cities of Perast, Herceg Novi and Tivat.



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From EUR 35

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8:00 departure from Budva in front of Voli supermarket (Mediteranska street, next to the car parking of hotel Avala and Mogren)
8:45 arrival in Kotor in front of restaurant Bastion 3 (Tabacina street, next to the North Gate of the old town of Kotor)
09:15 arrival in Perast
Sightseeing and visit the Lady of the Rocks for 90 minutes
10:45 departure from Perast
12:00 arrival in Herceg Novi
Visit the old town of Herceg Novi and lunch break for 135 minutes
14:15 departure from Herceg Novi
15:15 arrival in Tivat (via ferry)
Sightseeing of Tivat and Porto Montenegro for 90 minutes
16:45 departure from Tivat
17:15 arrival in Kotor
18:00 arrival in Budva


Full BIO of the tour you can find HERE.

The tour starts from Budva at 8 am and after a maximum of 45 minutes drive, we arrive in Kotor where we pick up guests from Kotor and then continue to Perast. Perast is only 11 km away from Kotor, so this trip will not last longer than 15 minutes.
Perast is a beautiful small town in the Kotor Bay of 200 inhabitants and belongs to the Kotor municipality. Perast has been under the protection of UNESCO since 1979. Its history is impressive and it was known as the center of the Boka Kotorska navy which still exists in a symbolic sense. The ships, captains, sailors, admirals, engineers, navigators, merchants, artists, priests and numerous ladies and children filled the streets of this magnificent town. Today it is full of tourists fascinated with the beauty of two small islands in front of the city. There is a church on each island. St. George's Island is closed for public, while man-made islet the Lady of the rocks is open to visitors. In Perast, we make a break of 90 minutes, which is enough time to visit the Lady of the Rocks (we go with a boat), and then walk through the main street and see the St. Nicholas church with its belfry, the town square, the Maritime Museum, as well as many traditional palaces and churches built in the 16th century that still kept their authentic looks.
Although Perast is the tourist epicenter of Boka Kotorska's, it still preserved the dignity of a peaceful town in which the spirit of past times is truly felt. Spared from modern buildings, cozy shops, fast food restaurants, souvenir shops, and everything else that accompanies modern life and tourism in Perast as if the time stopped. Even traffic in the city is closed in the summer months so tourists can safely walk around and see the city
After visiting Perast, we are going to Herceg Novi. The ride lasts for a maximum of 60 minutes. Herceg Novi is a town with most sunny days throughout the year in Montenegro and has a beautiful old town completely authentic and different from Kotor and Budva's old town.
It was founded in 1382 by King Tvrtko of Bosnia who grated wide privileges in his intention to turn it into a trading port, which would rid Bosnia of its dependence on the Dubrovnik merchants who controlled almost all of the Bosnian trade. This brought an economic standoff between the two in which the reasons for trade prevailed so that the king had to abandon his project. The town was originally known as Sveti Stjepan (St. Stevan) after the protector saint of the King’s dynasty, but was referred to by locals (and still is) simply as Novi, literary “New (Town)”.
 Old Town of Herceg Novi is full of greenery, stairs, squares, and romantic alleyways. The Atmosphere in Herceg Novi is always relaxing and extremely pleasant even in the high season. It is known for its film festival that takes place in the summer as well as the mimosa festival that takes place in winter. We will visit the old town as well as the town fort and make a lunch break. Guests who don’t want to take lunch can walk along the longest promenade on Montenegrin coast named ‘5 Danica’ which connects Herceg Novi and Igalo. Igalo is part of Herceg Novi famous for its beach and health center.
After Herceg Novi we head back to the ferry, then cross the bay and continue to Tivat. This is the only town on Montenegrin coast that doesn’t have an old town, but in Tivat is located the most luxurious marina for yachts and mega yachts on the Adriatic Sea named Porto Montenegro. The works started ten years ago and will be completely finished in the next five years. To this day there are many touristic buildings, apartments, as well as the luxurious Regent Hotel built-in the marina. Maritime Museum with two submarines from the Yugoslavian period is also located in the marina. Porto Montenegro is located next to the city promenade of Tivat, which is the most beautiful waterfront in the Bay of Kotor. Prices of food and drinks in the restaurants in Porto Montenegro as well as on the Tivat waterfront are affordable so that we can freely say that Tivat is an ideal place to finish our tour. With a light dessert or a glass of good wine, you can enjoy the beautifully decorated Porto where there are no traffic, noise or tourist crowds.
We depart from Tivat no later than 17:00, and then we slowly return guests first to Kotor and then to Budva, before the big afternoon traffic jams. In this way, this trip will present a wonderful experience that you will remember for a long time.

Tour is organized by air-conditioned cars or minivans or minibusses.

Price includes
Licensed tour guide on the English language.

Price doesn't include 
Entrance fee for Lady of The Rocks with both ride and guided tour of 5 euro
Standard breakfast costs from 5 till 7 euro
Standard lunch costs from 8 till 12 euro

Guests can use their own food and drink (breakfast and lunch are not mandatory).

NOTE: Guests who want to bring their luggage on the tour and finish the tour in another city (Kotor or Budva) can easily do that. There is no luggage fee.


For more info about the tour and booking, contact us on e-mail montenegrohostel@gmail.com or by phone 0038269039751.

Hope you will enjoy on our tour:)


  1. Budva departure point in front of Voli supermarket (Mediteranska street)
  2. Kotor departure point in front of restaurant Bastion 3 (Tabacina street)
  3. Perast
  4. Herceg Novi
  5. Tivat
  6. Budva