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Podgorica Wine And History Tour is completely dedicated to everyone who wants to learn more about the capital of Montenegro in a beautiful way. Taking this tour you will visit all the parts of the municipality of Podgorica, which the free city tour of Podgorica doesn't cover. The free tour is only for exploring the city center. To be able to see all the other attractions you need to take a car. There are no public bus lines to the destinations which we will see on the tour, so that option is not possible. There are some opinions that Podgorica is a boring town and doesn't have anything worth to see, but we will prove that wrong. Podgorica has a lot to show, but you need to know what are you looking for. If you take this tour you will be surprised at how interesting is the city of Podgorica with its history, culture and natural attractions. Tasting excellent wine Vranac in one of the biggest wine cellars in Europe will be definitely the highlight of this tour. So, don't miss it and enjoy us on the tour.



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From EUR 30

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9:00 departure from Montenegro Hostel B&B Podgorica 

9:30 arrival to Medun 
1 hour visit of the fortress and museum 
10:30 departure from Medun
11:00 arrival to Duclea 
30 minutes of sightseeing
12:00 arrival to Monastery Dajbabe 
30 minute visit of Monastery Dajbabe 
12:30 departure from Dajbabe
13:00 arrival to Zabljak Crnojevica

40 minute break for sightseeing
14:15 arrival to the waterfalls of River Cijevna
1 hour break for lunch or sightseeing

15:30  arrival to Sipcanik, the biggest vineyard in Montenegro
1 hour visit of the vineyard, cellars, and tasting of the wine 

17:00 arrival in Podgorica


Full BIO of the tour you can find HERE.

The tour starts from Podgorica located at 9:00 am. Our first stop will be fortress Medun, 15 km away from the city center. While heading to Medun, we will have an open panoramic view over Podgorica so we will take a short photo stop. There we will see the birth house of one of the most glorious heroes of Montenegro called duke Marko Miljanov, which is turned into a museum. The fortress is situated on a small hill where we will climb for a few minutes and where are located a small church and duke's tomb. The view is just amazing from this place. This fortress was founded by Illyrians more than two millenniums ago and represents a natural watchtower over the Medun field where numerous battles were fought during Montenegrin history. Museum of Marko Miljanov has an excellent ethnographic collection of authentic Montenegrin, Albanian and Ottoman national costumes, flags, weapons, furniture, jewelry, pottery, photos and documents from the duke's era.

You will be surprised how unique that humble place is, untouched for hundreds of years. Leaving Medun, we go to Duclea, a very important archeological site near the city center. This place had been settled first by Illyrians and later, in the 1st century, Romans settled the city named Duclea in this very place. Duclea had 10 000 inhabitants. South Slavs took over the region in the 6th century. It is considered that this was the very beginning of the state of Montenegro. Duclea was a city with a big square (town forum), a line of market-kind shops, temples, a public bathroom, and other important institutions. Today there are only remains of the city, later a state. There are many fragments of pillars, consoles or tombstones lying around while on the north side there are the walls of curia (courthouse).

After we visit Duclea we will take you to the Dajbabe monastery. This orthodox monastery is located at the foot of the hill Dajbabe and it is very specific because the monastery's Church of Assumption of the Holy Virgin is in the cave with a couple of corridors. All painted in frescoes by the saint Simeon Dajbabski who prayed and lived in this holy place. This is the only monastery in Montenegro with frescoes of this kind that look more like modern art paintings than classic portraits of saints. 


The next stop will be Zabljak Crnojevica. Žabljak (with an addition “of the Crnojevićs, not to be mixed with the one near Mt Durmitor) is a well preserved medieval castle with a small village underneath it at the edge of the Skadarsko Lake. Though it is almost a certainty that at this same place stood the fortified center of an early medieval Slav shire of Podlužje, the castle of Žabljak as we see it today is the work of Crnojevićs from the mid 15th century when they turned it into their principal residence. However, neither its mighty walls nor the exquisite position could save it from the relentless drive of the Ottomans and it was taken in 1478 by Sultan Mohammed the Conqueror forcing Ivan Crnojević. The Turks kept a large garrison here which first operated against the Venetians and later kept the nearby Montenegrin clans at bay. The Montenegrins captured the castle from the Turks for the first time in a surprise attack in 1852, an incident that led to a war with the Ottoman Empire. After the Turks finally lost the castle in the 1878 war, Žabljak’s defensive role disappeared and it gradually turned into a ruin. 


A few kilometers next to the Zabljak Crnojevica is our next destination, the River Cijevna waterfalls, where we will stop to have a lunch break in a national restaurant. Podgorica is a unique city in Montenegro for its five rivers flow Zeta, Moraca, Cijevna, Ribnica, and Sitnica. Unlike the other 4 rivers, Cijevna does not flow through the city center, but very near. So in just 15 minutes from amazing Skadar Lake we will be at this beautiful hidden river that will delight you with its small canyon and beauty. The river is just a few meters wide but thanks to its rocks and sunbeam reflection, it has impressive indigo blue clear water. In and around the restaurant you will see a variety of animals such as rabbits, ducks, turkeys, and geese that often walk around tables asking to feed them, that is always fun. When we finish our lunch break at Cijevna. From this viewpoint, you can see Montenegrin famous vineyard “Plantaže”, one of the largest in Europe.


After the lunch, we will go straight to Plantaže where the guests will be able to drive through the vineyards with a tour train and after that guests will go to wine cellar Šipčanik and experience the impressive ambiance of this unique wine cellar, enjoying the unforgettable scents and tastes, the "bouquet" of wine Vranac-the national pride of Montenegro. Guests will be able to take domestic Njegusi cheese and tasting wine. Guests can also buy some bottles of wine for discount prices. 

The cellar has the shape of a tunnel, 356 meters long, with an average width of 13.5 meters, 7 meters high. The air temperature ranges between 17 and 19 degrees, with 70-80% humidity. Wine is kept and aging in this cellar across nearly 7,000 square meters, in almost ideal and fully natural conditions in terms of climate and technology. Two million liters of wine age and mature in wooden barrels and bottles. The cellar includes a wine shop with 28,000 bottles of wines up to ten years old, a tasting room of 200 square meters and a specialized shop. The tasting room is 50 seats in capacity thus being an ideal venue for meetings, seminars, conferences, and presentations.

Sipcanik cellar is our last stop on this tour and after tasting the wine we will drive back to the city center of Podgorica where we will end the tour.



Tour is organized by air-conditioned cars, minivans or minibusses.


Licensed tour guide on the English language.


Entrance fee for the museum on Medun of 1 euro

Entrance fee in wine cellars Šipčanik of 12 euros (tasting wine is included in the price)
Standard lunch costs from 8 to 12 euro

Guests can use their own food and drink (lunch is not mandatory).

For more info about the transfer and booking, contact us on e-mail montenegrohostel@gmail.com 

or by phone (Viber and WhatsApp) 0038269039751

Hope you will enjoy on our tour:)


MH Travel Agency Team


  1. Podgorica departure point in front of Montenegro Hoste B&Bl Podgorica (Address: Radoja Jovanovica 52
  2. Medun
  3. Duclea
  4. Monastery Dajbabe
  5. Zabljak Crnojevica
  6. River Cijevna waterfalls
  7. Sipcanik wine cellar