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This is a very simple daily trip to Tirana, the capital of Albania. For guests who prefer a visit to the capitals, the Albania Tour Tirana is the perfect choice as it focuses only on the center of Tirana. That makes enough time to explore the main attractions in the city, have lunch, and shop without rushing. The center of Tirana is not large which is why the walking distance from one attraction to another is mainly centered around Skanderbeg Square as the city center itself. This is not a guided tour in the way that our tour guide will go with the guests and make detailed explanations of all attractions. The guide will give you the most important tips for exploring the city-center and then guests can do it freely as they like. Guests will be surprised by the pleasant colors, the differences from super modern buildings to traditional and artistic places on every corner (frescoes, statues, fountains, monuments, etc.). If you decide to take this tour, you will spend a nice and fulfilling day, primarily thanks to the atmosphere in the city center "without haste" and affordable prices in restaurants and shops. 


Type of the tour: sightseeing and city tour

Highlights: The City of Tirana

Duration: 14 hours

Total length: 500 km

Language: English guided tour



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08:00 departure from Kotor in front of restaurant Bastion 3 (Tabacina street, next to the North Gate of the old town of Kotor)

08:45 departure from Budva in front of Voli supermarket (Mediteranska street, next to the car parking of hotel Avala and Mogren)

10:00 departure from Podgorica 

Breakfast break of 30 minutes

13:30 arrival in Tirana

Visit the town and lunch break 3 hours and 30 minutes

17:00 departure from Tirana

20:30 arrival in Podgorica

22:00 arrival in Budva

22:45 arrival in Kotor

NOTE: Due to COVID-19 infection restrictions, the booking is currently closed. Booking will be open as soon as the crossing on the Montenegrin-Albanian border will establish without any travel restrictions.


Full description of the tour you can find HERE.


The tour departs from Kotor at 8 in the morning, which is the standard time for all our trips, and after a maximum of 45 minutes drive we will arrive in Budva where we will pick up the guests, and then we will continue to Podgorica. We will pick up the guests who depart from that city and continue our trip. If guests take the private tour we will pick up them from their accommodations. Also, if guests stay in some accommodation close to our route (for example guests from Tivat), we can pick them up on the main road. Pick-up location can be flexible sometimes if suits guest better than the standard one.

NOTE: MH Travel Agency is the only one in Kotor that organizes excursions to Albania. That makes that the guests from Kotor will spend 14 hours on the tour. If we don't have guests from Podgorica on the tour, we will go straight to the Sukobin border crossing, much closer to the cities of Kotor and Budva.



We will go to the city center of Tirana.



After crossing the border, we will take a 30-minute break at a restaurant near the main road. We should save every precious minute on this tour. If we spend more time at the border, the break will be shorter. Then we will continue towards Tirana. The city has about a million inhabitants, and when we get close to it we will need about a half-hour drive to the city center. We will park the vehicle in the Toptani shopping center on Skanderbeg Square, which is the starting and central point of exploring the city.

Approaching the center you will have the opportunity to see a suburban area where the street is traded in the traditional way and where you can still see brick buildings without facades built during the time of communist leader Enver Hoxha, who was head of state from 1944 to 1985.

During his rule, Albania was a very closed state. Hoxha was obsessed with the idea that a new great war would occur that he ordered the construction of 170,000 bunkers across the country to protect Albania from ground attacks. But the war never happened. In modern history, Albania has never experienced a civil war, nor war with its neighbors or any other state, so the bunkers have remained only as a tourist attraction. Most of the bunkers were demolished, some became restaurants, souvenir shops, or art workshops. Several bunkers still remain in the center of Tirana, and guests can enter and take a look. The largest and most visited is the Bunk'Art 2 on Skanderbeg Square.

Don’t compare Tirana to western cities or the city you come from. That is why they say that Tirana is the last secret in Europe. You can’t find world-famous and luxury brands on every corner, but Tirana has its own local charm and local retailers that take you back to a time when cities were slower and not so generic. The people of Tirana are pleasant, hospitable, and will help you if you have any questions. Apart from Albanian, most people speak Italian well and then English.

After the end of the communist rule in 1990, many artists wanted to erase the communist darkness by painting the facades in vivid colors, which gave a new happier look to the city. The city is safe and tourists welcomed. Prices are very good, sometimes unbelievably low for the quality of the service. Some guests want to go to Dajti National Park next to Tirana and back by cable car enjoying the amazing panoramic view. This is possible but in that case, we cannot stay in the city center longer than 90 minutes.

The main attractions on Skanderbeg Square are the National History Museum, Et'hem Bay Mosque, Bunk'Art 2, TID Tower (the tallest building in Tirana), Opera, City Hall, Clock Tower, Kombëtar Theater, attractive yellow-green-orange buildings of several ministries (finance, interior, transport, infrastructure, and energy) and the Orthodox Cathedral. 

Walking along Dëshmorët e Kombit Boulevard, guests will see Rinia Park with the Independence Monument, the National Art Gallery, the Taiwan Shopping Center, the Pyramid, Lena River, Mother Teresa Square where the University of Tirana is located. Behind the university is the Grand Park with the zoo and the Artificial Lake, where guests can dine in the shade of trees.

Guests who prefer the city view can walk to the Sky Tower near the pedestrian zone and dine on the top-floor terrace enjoying the refreshing air. But those looking to explore more can sit in some of the many cafes and restaurants near the Sky Tower and the river Lena. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

4 hours is the maximum time we can spend in Tirana (it can be shorter than 30 minutes if we wait longer at the border), after which we will return to Podgorica, Budva, and Kotor.


NOTE: We can also organize a private Albania Tour Shkodra and Kruje.  If you have any special requests contact us by e-mail at 


Tour is organized by air-conditioned cars, minivans, or minibusses.


Licensed tour guide in the English language.


Guests can use their own food and drink (breakfast and lunch are not mandatory).

NOTE: Guests who want to bring their luggage on the tour and finish the tour in another city (Kotor or Budva or Podgorica) can easily do that. There is no luggage fee. 


Before you decide to purchase the tour ticket check our itinerary and terms and conditions. 


For more info about the tour and booking, contact us on e-mail at  or by phone (Viber and WhatsApp) at +38269039751


Hope you will enjoy our tour:)

MH Travel Agency Team


  1. Kotor departure point in front of restaurant Bastion 3 ( Tabacina street
  2. Budva departure point in front of Voli supermarket (Mediteranska street
  3. Podgorica departure at 10:00
  4. Tirana city center