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MH Travel Agency organizes English-speaking tours, especially for a small number of guests, and private tailor-made itineraries. Every guest in Montenegro, no matter where is accommodated (hotel, hostel, guest house, private apartment, cruise ship, campsite, luxury resort, etc) can participate in our tours. Look at the overview, highlights, itinerary, video presentation, photo gallery, terms, and conditions of the tour. If you like to take a seat on it you can easily make an online reservation, using the button BOOK NOW!

Daily activity in Montenegro
Departures from Kotor, Budva and Podgorica
Highlights: Pivsko Lake, Tara River, and Piva Monastery

Price per person €80.00

MH Travel Agency organizes rafting on the River Tara in the Tara National Park. Tara Canyon or Tara gorge is 80 km long with the deepest point of 1300 meters, which makes it the deepest canyon in Europe. The river is formed as the confluence of two rivers Opasnica and Veruša with a total flow of 144 km. At the end of its course, the Tara River flows with the Piva River into river Drina, which is the natural border between Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia. This birth of the river Drina takes place in the small village of Sćepan Polje (Scepan Field), which is located in the Plužine Municipality in the northwest of Montenegro. Sćepan Polje is the border crossing between Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina. At this very place, we will be starting our rafting. Our route is Nikšić-Plužine-Šćepan Polje, and our rafting starts from Brštanovica Luka (Brstanovica Port) and finishes in Šćepan Polje village at the place where Tara and Piva confluence Drina. We organize an 18 km-long rafting with 21 bound cascades and rapids. Tara River is drinkable all the way and that’s going to give you unforgettable moments, and quite a fantastic feeling during rafting. On our way to Sćepan Polje we will pass the amazingly beautiful nature of Piva Lake and Piva Canyon with its 56 tunnels, and the Mratinje Dam one of the highest in Europe. On our way back, we can stop in Piva Monastery from the 16th century, the most famous one in this part of Montenegro. If you want to make a special day for yourself this is definitely what you need to do. Take your camera and go with us:)

Type of the tour: activity

Highlights: Pivsko Lake, Tara River Piva Monastery 

Duration: 12 hours

Total length: 500 km



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From EUR 80

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7:30 departure from Kotor in front of restaurant Bastion 3 (Tabacina street, next to the North Gate of the old town of Kotor)

8:15 departure from Budva in front of Voli supermarket (Mediteranska street, next to the car parking of hotel Avala and Mogren)

9:30 departure from Podgorica 

11:30 arrival to the rafting starting point

Breakfast, preparing for rafting and rafting 3 hours and 30 minutes

15:00 back to the rafting start

Lunch break of 60 minutes

16:00 departure from rafting start

18:00 arrival in Podgorica

19:30 arrival in Budva

20:15 arrival in Kotor


from the 1st of May to the 15th of October 2022


Full description of the tour you can find HERE.


The tour departs from Kotor at 7:30 in the morning, which is the standard time for all our trips. After a maximum of 45 minutes of driving, we will arrive in Budva, where we will pick up guests. We will arrive in Podgorica 60 minutes later, picking up the guests and continuing our journey. If guests take the private tour we will pick up them from their accommodations. Also, if guests stay in some accommodation close to our route, we can pick them up on the main road. Pick-up location can be flexible sometimes if suits guest better than the standard one.

NOTE: If we will not have guests from Podgorica on the rafting, we will take another route closer to Kotor via Grahovo Field and village Villusi, which is 30 minutes shorter route in one way.



We will go to Piva Lake, Šćepan Polje, and Piva Monastery



After we start and pick up the guests we will go directly to the city of Niksic where we will turn to the small town of Plužine. On our way, we will see Krupac Lake near Niksic, then we will pass part of Durmitor enjoying the view of the mountains. From Plužine the landscape changes dramatically where Piva Lake begins with its canyon.

We will cross Piva Bridge enter the canyon and drive through 56 small rocky tunnels. 11 km before our final destination, we will pass 220 meters high dam of Mratinje and the most attractive Mratinje bridge that looks like levitates above the canyon. It is actually a suspension bridge composed of two girders divided in the middle by an expansion joint.



We need to be in Šćepan Polje around 11 am when we will have breakfast and take the rafting equipment: waterproof suits, shoes, life jackets, and helmets. Guests will have cabins to change their clothes and get waterproof bags to put in their values (cameras, money, passport).

Guests should wear swimsuits under waterproof suits. After getting dressed and taking the equipment, guests will be transferred by minivans 20 km north to the starting point of Brštanovica Luka. Then they will go down to the river where they will be introduced by their skipper and get the basic instructions on, how to sit on the boat, how to row, and how to hold a paddle.

The part of the river Tara where we will have rafting is the natural border between Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina. On the left side of the river is Montenegro with untouched nature, while on the Bosnian and Herzegovina side (the right one), there are numerous rest areas with barbecue, campsites, even open-air bars. 

The rafting boats from both countries are mixed on the river and it is common that our guests have a little break on the Bosnian side, especially when they want to take a photo near waterfalls. 

Groups of tourists from Montenegro make rafting in a few hours while groups of tourists from Bosnia and Herzegovina in 2 days, sometimes they need a week because they make a stop all the time:) Anyway, the party zone is on the Bosnian side:) It is a lot of fun here mostly in the summer when the river is slower and when even the kids can be on the rafting boats.

The grade of rapids in the very high season is marked 2, sometimes grade 3 (depends on the summer and amounts of the rain). In the summer rafting lasts almost 3 hours, the white water is only on a few short parts of the river, which makes that guests can swim in the river, take photos, and enjoy nature.

But, if you prefer adrenaline rafting, then you should take it in April and May when the grade of rapids is marked 4 and when 18 km of rafting lasts 45 minutes. In June grade of rapids is marked 3. In the springtime, the temperature of the water is from 4 up to 8 degrees, in the summer is 12 degrees.

We will finish the rafting close to the restaurant where the traditional lunch will wait for us. The first course will be soup and the second meal will be roasted lamb, veal, or fish with potatoes, bread, and salad.


After lunch, we will get back by the same route via Pivsko Lake through the tunnels. If the guests are not tired we can stop at the orthodox Monastery Piva one of the most significant monastery complexes in Montenegro. This monastery was originally located at the source of the Piva River, but due to forming of an artificial lake for the needs of the hydroelectric power plant “Piva”, it was moved stone by stone to the present location in the village Sinjac.



Tour is organized by air-conditioned cars, minivans, or minibusses.


Transfer to Scepan Polje (return ticket), tax fee for National Park Tara, equipment for rafting, breakfast, and lunch, and rafting of 18 km.

NOTE: Vegetarian breakfast or lunch are on demand.



Drinks at lunch are not included in the price.

This is not a guided tour. The driver and skipper speak basic English.


NOTE: Guests who want to bring their luggage on the tour and finish the rafting in another city (Kotor, Budva or Podgorica) can easily do that. There is no luggage fee.



All vehicles are detailed clean and have sanitizers. Drivers and passengers should wear facial masks all the time in the vehicle during the transfer. Facial masks on the rafting boat are not obligatory.

NOTE: The information above is only relevant for the 2022 season, which has been hit by an epidemic of Covid-19. Every future year we will update new conditions adapted to the current situation until we come out of the pandemic and start living normally as before it.


For COVID-19 info in Montenegro click HERE


Before you decide to purchase the tour ticket check our itinerary and terms and conditions. 


For more info about the tour and booking, contact us on e-mail at montenegrohostel@gmail.com  or by phone (Viber and WhatsApp) at +38269039751


Hope you will enjoy our tour:)

MH Travel Agency Team


  1. Kotor departure point in front of restaurant Bastion 3 (Tabacina street)
  2. Budva departure point in front of Voli supermarket (Mediteranska street)
  3. Podgorica departure at 9:30
  4. Rafting start of Tara River