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MH Travel offers a unique tour visited by the world-famous Ostrog Monastery and the city of Niksic famous for the production of the popular Nikšić beer. This tour is an ideal choice for all guests who stay in Podgorica. Especially Niksic as the town is not so often on the tourist maps among travel agencies in Montenegro. The town is close also to Durmitor national park, so a lot of agencies just pass by Niksic, and do not offer an option to their guests to explore the town. Niksic is also territorially the largest municipality in Montenegro. In the last couple of years, Ostrog Monastery became very busy and the numbers of pilgrims from all over the world have been raised up to several thousand visitors per day. That makes the visit to Ostrog Monastery from the cities on the sea coast like Kotor and Budva more complicated. So, we decided to make a perfect budget tour only to Ostrog Monastery and the city of Niksic. This is a one of a kind tour in Montenegro, and we are sure that we have the best possible itinerary for Ostrog Monastery to avoid the big pilgrim crowd. By choosing this tour you will have the opportunity to get acquainted with the fascinating and miraculous energy of the Monastery as well as the relaxing energy of the city of Niksic, which is surrounded by beautiful nature.



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From EUR 25

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8:30 departure from Podgorica

9:30 arrival to Monastery Ostrog

Visit Monastery Ostrog of 2 hours

11:30 departure from Monastery

12:00 arrival to Niksic

Lunch break and sightseeing of 2 hours

14:00 departure from Niksic

15:00 arrival to Podgorica


Full BIO of the tour you can find HERE.

Ostrog Monastery 
is one of the attractions that almost all guests want to visit while in Montenegro. We certainly recommend everyone to see the monastery, but it is often forgotten that you should be prepared if you want to feel the benefits of this sacred place. Visiting Ostrog should be the first in the itinerary. Due to the large number of pilgrims from all over the world who visit the monastery every day, we decided to add our best possible itinerary to our guests and visit the monastery in the morning, long enough for the guests to see and enjoy everything before the pilgrims crowds: see the relics of St.Basil, explore the monastery, light candles and buys some souvenir in monastery's shop. Ostrog monastery is an Orthodox monastery built in the 17th century cut into the vertical cliffs of the Ostrog's Greda at 900 meters above sea level. The monastery was built by Vasiliy Ostroski, who greatly helped his people, healed the sick, anticipated the events that would happen, so he was named the miracle man, and his miracles continued to happen even after his death. He died in 1671, in the monastery and after that, he was proclaimed a Saint (St. Basil of Ostrog) because of his faith, immaculate life, goodness and helping the people. His body is carefully guarded in the cave church, which is dedicated to the Presentation of the Mother of God. Ostrog Monastery is not only a sanctuary of Orthodox people but a sanctuary of all the people of the world who come here to bow and pay homage to the relics of St. Basil, seeking a cure for the soul and the body. The monastery complex on Ostrog consists of the lower and upper monasteries. First, we will visit the upper monastery, there are two churches: Presentation of Mother of God, where St. Basil's Basilica and the church of Holy Cross are resting. Churches were decorated by famous painters in the 17th century, partly painted on the rocks of the Ostrog Mountains.

After visiting the upper monastery, we will visit the lower monastery that was built in the 19th century, made up of the church of the Holy Trinity, monasteries and a religious school founded in the 18th century. Today, liturgies are held regularly, baptisms and weddings too. From the Upper to Lower Monastery, the asphalt road is 5 km long and the track through the forest is much shorter and can be crossed in about 25 minutes. To get the feeling of how long it is we will take a 10-minute walk as the most modest pilgrims would.

Half an hour's drive from Ostrog Monastery is the city of Niksic. It is the largest industrial city in Montenegro thanks to the factories of iron and steel as well as bauxite mines, but it is certainly more famous thanks to the brewing and production of the popular Niksic beer. The brewery is only 10 minutes away from the city center and visits are permitted. One of the most beautiful natural places near the city center (5 km away) is a very popular Krupac Lake and has been nicknamed the Niksic Sea because it has promenades, beaches, restaurants, and numerous activities on the beach and water sports. In the case of summer heat, we can spend a lunch break on this lake, where guests can take a swim.

There are many places worth seeing in the center of Niksic: the Central Square of Liberty, the Royal Palace of King Nikola I Petrović Njegos containing the museum, the Church of St. Basil of Ostrog, who was built in the 19th century in Montenegrin heroes, who gave their lives for the freedom of the country. Near the center, there is an old Turkish city wall and Hadji-Smajil's mosque. The beautiful forest-park called Trebjesa is about ten minutes moderate walk away from the center with restaurants where guests can take the lunch. Niksic is a city filled with cafes and restaurants, and food and drink prices are considerably lower than on the coast.

The Salt Lake, which is 6 km from Niksic, is an attraction that we can not visit because unlike Lake Krupac this lake has no proper access road. We'll see the lake from the main road when he returns. This lake is full of islands and peninsulas, extremely rugged coasts, suitable for fishing, but there are no organized beaches for visitors.

After a two-hour visit to Niksic, we go back to Podgorica, where the tour ends.


Tour is organized by air-conditioned cars, minivans or minibusses.


Licensed tour guide on the English language.


Standard lunch costs from 8 to 12 euro

Guests can use their own food and drink (lunch is not mandatory).


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Hope you will enjoy on our tour:)

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  1. Podgorica departure point in front of Montenegro Hostel Podgorica (Address: Radoja Jovanovica 52)
  2. Ostrog Monastery
  3. City of Nikšić