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Daily excursion from Montenegro to Dubrovnik
Departures from Kotor, and Budva
Highlights: The Old Town of Dubrovnik
Duration: 12 hours
Price per person ‎€60.00

We organize an excursion to the world-famous city of Dubrovnik well known as the jewel of Adriatic. Dubrovnik is the closest Croatian city to Montenegro. If we start from Budva or Kotor we will arrive in Dubrovnik within 2 hours of the ride with moderate waiting at the border. This is a perfect condition for an excursion, especially for guests who don't want to stay in Dubrovnik because of its high prices in the summer season. Our visit is focused only on the old town, but we will pass the Dubrovnik bridge over the River of Dubrovnik (Rijeka Dubrovačka) that guests will be able to take panoramic photos of the modern part of the town as well as Port of Gruz (Luka Gruž). We will stay in Dubrovnik for 5 hours which is more than enough time for exploring the old town and its city walls. This charming, bright and exceptional town will seduce you at the first look. So, take your camera and come with us to fill your emotions with the pure beauty of magnificent Dubrovnik.


Type of the tour: sightseeing, history and city tour

Highlights: The Old Town of Dubrovnik

Duration: 12 hours

Total length: 250 km

Language: English guided tour



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08:00 departure from Budva

08:45 departure from Kotor 

11:00 arrival in Dubrovnik

Visit the old town of 5 hours 

16:00 departure from Dubrovnik

18:15 arrival in Budva

19:00 arrival in Kotor

NOTE: Due to COVID-19 infection restrictions, the booking is currently closed. Booking will be open as soon as the crossing on the Montenegrin-Croatian border will establish without any travel restrictions.


Full description of the tour you can find HERE.


The tour starts at 8:00 am close to the old town of Budva. The next pick-up is in the city of Kotor close to the old town. From Kotor to Budva is only a 25 km distance. In the off-season, we need 25 minutes of the ride between the cities, but in very high season we need 45 minutes which is written in our itinerary. If guests take the private tour we will pick up them from their accommodations. Also, if guests stay in some accommodation close to our route (for example guests from Perast), we can pick them up on the main road. Pick-up location can be flexible sometimes if suits guest better than the standard one.


We will go to the old town of Dubrovnik.


After departures from Budva and Kotor, we will continue our road via Boka Bay enjoying the amazing scenery and after passing the border we will need 20 minutes of the ride to get to the old town of Dubrovnik, which has been listed on UNESCO's list of world heritage sights since 1979.

The standard visit of the old town has two parts. The first part is exploring the main attractions inside the town and the second part is walking around the city walls. Only licensed tour guides from Dubrovnik can make walking tours inside the town.

If guests want to take their service, they can easily do that in the tourist info office located in the old town. The tour lasts 1 hour and costs 20 euros per person. But, if guests want to explore the town by themselves it is easy because of the simplicity of the town, which consists of one main road, two main gates, two main squares, and one port.

We will start from the west gate of Pile and enter the city by the main street called Stradun. All the streets of Dubrovnik are paved with stone, but the main one looks so bright, thanks to millions of steps through the centuries, which have made the stone shine.

At the beginning of Stradun guests will see Onforio's Fountains, Franciscan Church with Monastery, and the main entrance to the city walls. The street is 300 meters long where the traditional " il giro di Stradun" is the most important thing. This means slowly walking like on the promenade.

After 10 minutes guests will be at the end of Stradun where is Orlando's Column located as well as the Clock Tower, Church of the Saint Blaise the protector of the town, Rector's Palace, Sponza Palace, the City Hall,  the City Theatre Marin Drzic and the most important Gradska Kavana Arsenal (the most traditional and popular restaurant and cafe bar in the old town). Having the table there is mission impossible in the summer season, but making the photos is always possible:))

Across the Rector's Palace is beautiful Gundulic Square with a green market. The square got the name of the biggest poet from Dubrovnik Ivan Gundulic with its monument in the center. Locals sell traditional products from Konavle's region like candied fruits and products from the divine fragrance of lavender. Gorgeous Historic Stairs connect the square to the top where is the Church of St. Ignatius.

Going down to next to the city walls, the street leads to the old port and Maritime Museum. Port has a pier and breakwater named Porporela with a lighthouse and several benches where guests can enjoy the view of the Lokurium island (the closest island to Dubrovnik).

Port also has several fish restaurants and numerous tourist boats and submarines which offer a short ride to the island or around the town. Next to the main exit/entrance to the old port is located  Dominican Monastery and east gate Ploce.

The dress code in the churches is obligatory. No matter how warm is outside, short pants and not covered arms are not allowed. After exploring the old town, we suggest a small break and preparing for visiting the city walls. The entrance fee for city walls is 30 euros per person. Guests who don't want to visit city walls can have lunch or take a cable car or boat ride.

The city walls were built in the 10th century and rebuilt in the 13th and 14th of century. They are 2 km long and have two towers named Minceta tower and Bokar Tower. The view from the walls of the town and its red roofs, hidden gardens, monasteries, schools, balconies, and flower terraces is impressive. We highly recommend everyone to visit it. But be aware, that the standard time for the full circle around the walls with all photo stops lasts 2 hours.

We highly recommend everyone to visit it. But be aware, that the standard time for the full circle around the walls with all photo stops lasts 2 hours.

After visiting Dubrovnik, we will return to Kotor and Budva.

Tour is organized by air-conditioned cars, minivans, or minibusses.


Licensed tour guide in the English language.


Entrance fee of the city walls in Dubrovnik.

Guests can use their own food and drink (breakfast and lunch are not mandatory).

NOTE: Guests who want to bring their luggage on the tour and finish the tour in another city (Kotor or Budva) can easily do that. There is no luggage fee.


All vehicles are detailed clean and have sanitizers. Drivers and passengers should wear facial masks all the time in the vehicle during the tour.

NOTE: The information above is only relevant for the 2022 season, which has been hit by an epidemic of Covid-19. Every future year we will update new conditions adapted to the current situation until we come out of the pandemic and start living normally as before it.


For COVID-19 info in Montenegro click HERE


Before you decide to purchase the tour ticket check our itinerary and terms and conditions. 


For more info about the tour and booking, contact us on e-mail at montenegrohostel@gmail.com  or by phone (Viber and WhatsApp) at +38269039751


Hope you will enjoy our tour:)

MH Travel Agency Team


  1. Budva departure point in front of Voli supermarket (Mediteranska street)
  2. Kotor departure point in front of restaurant Bastion 3 (Tabacina street)
  3. The Old Town of Dubrovnik