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MH Travel Agency provides group accommodation for smaller and bigger in Montenegro. Renters like guest houses, apartments, beds and breakfast, and hostels offer budget prices and excellent conditions for a group staying. Look at the overview, prices, terms, and conditions, and if you like it you can easily make a reservation for your group using the button BOOK NOW!

Group accommodation in Montenegro
Duration: minimum 2 days
Type if the room: private rooms and dorms
Voucher price from €100.00 

MH Travel Agency organizes group accommodation in Montenegro. As the strategic partner of the Association of Accommodation Renters of Montenegro, we can find and offer the best deals for groups from the small to the very large ones. After more than a decade of organizing group accommodation for different groups like sports, students, seniors, youth, kids, families, etc, from all over the world, we may say that we can provide excellent service in searching and finding the accommodation units with facilities and conditions that certain group requests. MH Travel Agency provides only renters like guest houses, apartments, beds and breakfasts, and hostels. We do not provide accommodation in hotels and hotel resorts. Prices are budgeted from 5 up to 20 euros per person, depending on the size of the group, location, and period of the year. On this particular web page, you can get all information on how to book group accommodation. If you want to add transfer, tour, or activity while you stay in Montenegro, this is also possible and we can organize it on request.

Montenegro is a small country with exceptional geographical diversity. From the South to the North and from the East to the West of the country you don't need more than 6 hours of the bus ride. Lakes, mountains, canyons, beaches, national parks, traditional villages, old towns, and modern cities with the spectacular Boka Bay will take turns all the time. Different landscapes, atmospheres, and experiences in such a small territory make Montenegro one of the most wanted countries for the group stay. Any city or place can be visited by daily excursion.

Borders with Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Kosovo, and Albania are also close, which makes an easy transfer to come in or go out from Montenegro. With only 650 000 citizens where the biggest city is the capital with 200 000 people, Montenegro is blessed with a lot of quiet places. Montenegrin coast is crowded in the very high season, but the rest of the year is peaceful and offers a very pleasant stay. Hiking, trekking, sailing, biking, orienteering, exploring nature, and historical sights are just some ideas of what groups can do in Montenegro. Organic food, clean water, and fresh air will refresh the body and the soul even in a few days. Find your perfect spot and come to us. You will be more than welcome:)

Type of accommodation: guest houses, bed and breakfast, and hostels
Duration: minimum 2 days
Type of rooms: private rooms and dorms

Prices: budget
Cities option: all cities in Montenegro



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From EUR 100

Book Now Inquire Booking

Our booking is very flexible and is based on a voucher payment model. After we calculate the full price for your group you can buy vouchers as a security deposit.
One voucher of 100 euro is a security deposit of the amount up to 500 euros, two vouchers up to the amount of 1000 euros, etc.

The voucher is valid up to the 1st of December 2023 and is not refundable after the expiration of the valid period. After that date, we will put on sale new vouchers which will last another 2 years. The cut-off time for confirmation of reservation is one month before departure. When the group confirms the chosen term of departure they need to pay the rest of the amount. The group will pay the difference in the price after the voucher's amount is deducted from the full amount of stay. In case of impossibility of arrival, the group can give the vouchers to another group who is interested come, but they need to inform us about that transaction.

STEP 5: Because of the COVID-19 epidemic, we are very flexible with the group bookings. When the group decides to buy vouchers, the group can change the arrival date (if it is possible) to any period up to the 1st of December 2023.  When the date of arrival is finally chosen, the group has to pay the rest of the amount up to one month before arrival and the reservation is confirmed.


 to the 1st of December 2023


Full description of the tour you can find HERE


Chosen location can be in any place or city in Montenegro. We will give you a list of the cities with their specific location advantages.

Kolašin is a ski center in the winter and is the closest city to the Biogradska Gora National Park.

Mojkovac is the closest city to the Black Pine virgin forest in the Tara Canyon and Tara rafting starts points.

Pljevlja is the closest city to the canyon of Ćehotina river and to the border with Western Serbia (Mokra Gora National Park).

Žabljak is a ski center in the winter located in the middle of Durmitor National Park. Žabljak is the closest city to Tara bridge (Đurđevića Tara).

Šavnik is the closest city to Invisible Canyon (Nevidio) and the region of the Komarnica river.

Plužine is located on Pivsko lake and it is the closest city to Šćepan Polje, the most popular rafting starting point on Tara river.


Nikšić is the biggest city in the Northern region and the closest to the Ostrog Monastery.

Berane and Andrijevica are the closest cities to the Komovi mountain range.

Bijelo Polje is the closest city to Djalovica Cave (Đalovića Pećina), the biggest cave in Montenegro, and the closest city to the border with Serbia.

Plav is a city located on Plavsko lake.

Gusinje is the closest city to Prokletije National Park.

Rožaje is the closest city to the border with Kosovo.

Podgorica is centrally located in Montenegro and it is the closest to Skadar Lake and the border with Albania.

Cetinje is the former Royal capital the closest city to Lovcen National Park and River Crnojevica (Rijeka Crnojevića).

Herceg Novi is located in Herceg Novi Bay (the part of Boka bay) and it is the closest city to the Croatia border and Dubrovnik as well as the border with Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Tivat is located in Tivat bay (the part of Boka bay) and this is the only city on the coast that has an airport. Tivat is the closest city to the Lustica peninsula (Luštica).

Kotor and Perast are UNESCO world heritage located in Kotor bay (the part of Boka bay)

Budva and St. Stefan are the most popular tourist cities on the Montenegrin coast and have a central location.

Bar is the closest city to Rumija Mountain and it is the only city on the coast with a train connection to Serbia and a ferry connection to Italy.

Ulcinj is the city with the biggest sandy beach in Montenegro and the closest to Ada Bojana.

STEP 1: You can choose one or more places and cities for your group itinerary.


Private rooms are double bed, twin bed, three-bed, and four-bed (two or three stars). Dorm rooms are in hostels (bunk beds). All rooms are air-conditioned.

STEP 2: Create a rooming list for your group with all the necessary details such as requirements for girls and boys to be in separate rooms, requirements for access to a wheelchair room, rooms equipped for children, etc. Specify that you want all members of the group to be accommodated in one accommodation unit or can be accommodated in more than one. This is especially important in large groups. Note that the cities in Montenegro are small and there is no need for public transportation in the city center.


Every accommodation has different facilities but the main one is Wi-Fi is free for use. Some accommodations have amazing views, pools, garden terraces, etc. Because of the covid-19 epidemic, all common areas have reduced spaces and some facilities will not be used because of security measures.

STEP 3: According to tourist standards in Montenegro rooms with two and three stars have a middle level of facilities. The pool is not obligatory, restaurant or private beach. But a lot of accommodations have some specifics, like exceptional view, lovely garden terrace, tavern, wine cellars, etc. Try to be very detailed choosing the requested facilities. We will try to provide it, but be aware that a budget price cannot make miracles. In the case that certain facilities can be provided with the additional cost, we will offer it to you to decide what will be the best option for your budget.



The basic group conditions are:

CHECK-IN has to be a minimum of 6 hours after the CHECK-OUT of the previous group.

Guests' REGISTRATION and the city tax are obligatory and cost 1 euro per person per day of staying. The city tax is not included in the price of staying.

BREAKFAST can be served in the accommodation's restaurant (if the accommodation has any) or in the restaurant nearby. The breakfast is not obligatory and costs appx 5 euros per person depending on the type (buffet or continental). The breakfast is not included in the price of staying.  

CAR PARKING for minibusses and buses is not obligatory and depends on the conditions of the accommodation. Each city has a car park for minibusses and buses with hourly or daily prices.

For everything you need you can ask on the phone number (WhatsApp or Viber) 0038269039751, or by e-mail 

STEP 4: In addition to the basic conditions, you can select the conditions you want. Your group may request additional meals (lunch and dinner) or you can request a transfer from or to the airport or selected destination. You can request a late check out at the additional cost.



The accommodation rooms will be clean according to the hygiene standards but because of the COVID-19 epidemic, the recommended rules of the Institute of Public Health of Montenegro are as follows:

Private rooms should be cleaned every third day (if the group stays longer than 2 days) but in a way, that staff does not enter the room. Guests will get the clean clean towels and linen, and they should put them on their beds and put the used bedding and the garbage in the hall outside of the room. The guest will get the disinfectants to wash the floor or bathroom.

After check out the accommodation staff will enter the room and clean the room according to the hygiene protocol due to the epidemic situation. From Check-in of one group to the check-in of another group should pass a minimum of 6 hours for ventilation and disinfection of rooms.

Dorm rooms are cleaned daily up to the maximum possible level of hygiene. But, shared accommodations need some hygiene efforts among guests.

We highly recommend guests wear facial masks outside, and in any public transportation. Inside the hostel, guests should keep their distance as much as they could avoiding unnecessary contacts. Washing hands and using hands sanitizer are very important to prevent infection.

Guests who notice any health symptoms such as fever, nausea, diarrhea, or headache should contact the accommodation's owner at the phone number who will provide the room where the guests will be isolated from other guests until a diagnosis is made.  In the case that guest has an infection of COVID-19 guest will stay in isolation up to the guest's recovery following the instructions of the doctor.


NOTE: because of the COVID-19 restrictions accommodation will not provide social nights in the lounge or common room like drinking games, pub crawls, or any other group activities where the guests cannot be safe and where the distance cannot be kept. The information above is only relevant for the 2022 season, which has been hit by an epidemic of covid-19. Every future year we will update new conditions adapted to the current situation until we come out of the pandemic and start living normally as before it.


For COVID-19 info in Montenegro click HERE


For more info about the  booking, contact us on e-mail at  or by phone (Viber and WhatsApp) at +38269039751


Before you decide to make a reservation check our terms and conditions.


We hope you will have a pleasant stay:)


Montenegro Hostel Team