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MH Travel Agency organizes activities on-demand with private tailor-made itineraries. Every guest in Montenegro, no matter where is accommodated (hotel, hostel, guest house, private apartment, cruise ship, campsite, luxury resort, etc) can participate in our activity. Look at the itinerary, and If you like to take an activity you can easily make an online reservation, using the button BOOK NOW!

Daily Excursion in Montenegro 
Departures from Kotor, Budva, and Podgorica
Highlights: Mrtvica Canyon, Mount Komovi, and Bigova Bay
Voucher price ‎€30.00 

MH Travel Agency organizes a few simple activities on-demand in the central, south, and north region. Although Montenegro is mostly a mountainous country and a paradise for mountaineers and alpinists, our wish was to create activities in which all guests and entire families can participate, from the youngest members to seniors. Our offers have one canyon, one mountain, and one seaside hill. Activities on demand are private tours and they are created by your wish and rhythm. The total hiking length of each route is around 5 km in one direction, but you don't need to go to the very end. We personally tested all 3 activities with our kids, teenagers, parents, and grandparents. And you know what? All of them were delighted by the impressive nature, splendid views, hidden gems like old bridges, small waterfalls, untouched forest, rocky pass, and a special experience that they passed routes without fatigue. When we think about hiking the first mind that comes is to climb on the top. Here we will see the top of the mountain at our fingertips or the steep cliffs all around us but it doesn't mean that we should go on the top. This is just more than a pleasant walk through mother nature that we love so much. Only what you will really need is a camera, a smile and a lot of positive energy. So, take your time, read more about our offers, create your itinerary, and make your reservation. And then let's go on our adventure together:)



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From EUR 30

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Choose departure time, total duration of the activity, and arrival time. Private activities always start and finish at the guest's accommodation address. 

STEP 5: In the itinerary of activity on demand should be added only time for breakfast or lunch break. We will not accept itineraries where the chosen activity is mixed with some visits to the places that we will pass by.  If you want to visit some city or place you can check the offers on our standard tours.

Hiking Mrtvica Canyon near Podgorica
Hiking Mt. Komovi near Andrijevica
Hiking Bigova Bay


 to the 1st of December 2023


Full description of the tour you can find HERE


Mrtvica gorge is located 40 km north of Podgorica, the capital. Komovi mountain is 170 km northeast of Podgorica and Bigova Bay is 20 km far away from Budva or Kotor. Podgorica is 80 km far away from Kotor and 60 km far away from Budva.


This activity is very convenient for guests who stay in Podgorica because in just 40 minutes of the ride they can be in the canyon. Guests who stay in the south, in Budva or Kotor can participate in this activity with the 2 hours of ride to get there. So, what is so special about Mrtivca Gorge? Well, there are a lot of unique things there worth exploring. River Mrtvica is a wild mountain river that passes an 8km long canyon surrounded by Mount Meganik on the west side and Mount Tali on the northeast side and flows into the river Moraca.

From that very place of the union of two rivers the hiking trail starts. The route is marked and you cannot be lost but caution is required. In May the river is fast and white. During the summer the river is calm and Parisian blue. In the autumn river starts to be green and somewhere even velvet thanks to the shades and low-key light. Passing this canyon in the winter is not recommended. On its spectacular route, you will see several small rivers with cascades and small waterfalls on the opposite side, which flow into Mrtvica as well as the old stone bridge (Danilo's bridge). Then you will pass the "green zone" where everything is covered by green moss which makes a special feeling that you are on another planet. Of course, you will try to take a photo of this "green nature room" but be prepared that it will be challenging even for experienced photographers.

The next what will you see is the "Gate of Wishes" the place where you should throw the stone and make the wish. It works, but the only problem is finding the small stone or any stone around:))) Our advice is to put the stone in your pocket before you start hiking and when you discover the gate you will be ready. Kids will love this place very much. The gate is a natural phenomenon created by two stone figures and the fairy from Maglik is "in charge" of making the wish come true. After enjoying a fairy place the route continues through the " green zone" up to the spectacular cliff named Mrtvičke Grede (Mrtvica's Beams).

Mrtvica's Beams is a massive stone cliff cut in the middle that people can pass but is dangerous for kids, people who are afraid of height, and seniors. There are no fences and falling off the track can be fatal. That passage lasts only a few hundred meters to the place named Plaža (Beach), which is the end of the easy-going and recreative part of the canyon. If someone from your group insists to go to the end and pass the cliff, you can easily wait in the green forest. Only one person can be on the cliff's corridor. There is no option that two persons can pass each other. In that case, some people will turn back. Be aware that mobile signal doesn't exist here and the only way out is to go back using the same route. The total duration of this canyoning from the beginning to the end is 3 hours in one direction. You can make it shorter double and go only to the "Gate of Wishes".



Mount Komovi is the most attractive mountain range for visitors of all generations. Unlike other mountains in Montenegro, Komovi is a narrow group of rocky peaks based on a whole complex of gentle, long, lush green ridges over deep river valleys. A large number of springs and small rivers complete the morphological features of Komovi and make them an exceptional mountainous area of Montenegro

This activity is only recommended for guests who stay in Podgorica. Thanks to the brand new highway from Podgorica to Kolašin the previous route of 90 minutes of the ride via Moraca canyon is replaced by a spectacular highway over mountain peaks and lasts only 30 minutes. But from Kolašin to the peak Štavna at 1760 meters of altitude we need to drive 2 hours more. Štavna is also the name of the eco-village located at the beginning of the mountain route to the Vasojevićki Kom (Vasojevic's Peak).

Mount Komovi has 3 the most popular peaks Vasojevićki at 2461 meters of altitude, Ljevorečki at 2461 meters of altitude, and the highest one Kučki at 2487 meters of altitude. We will see all 3 but we will not go to the top of any of them. This activity we will leave for the passionate hikers with adequate equipment and guided by professionals. We will just walk, enjoy nature, and explore some of the mountain easy trails all marked. Only what we can really do to be an Instagram star is to go up to the first rocky part of the peak and it will be more than enough.

Komovi Mount is possible to visit from May to the end of October. Although there is an eco-village with a restaurant, the plateau around Vasojevićki Kom is ideal for a picnic or barbecue. This is a place where you can run, practice yoga, meditate in nature, play football, badminton or simply lie down and enjoy. We will spend a few hours in the car to go there, so use every minute in nature in a good way. On our way back we will use the same route because the panorama road via Mateševo is not in good condition and it is not recommended for a safe drive. In the future, the highway from Kolašin will pass 20 km close to Komovi, which will make Komovi available to guests from the south.




Hiking trail from the beach Pržno (the popular name is The Blue Horizons) and fisherman village Bigova over a small hill of 250 meters of altitude is definitely the hidden gem on the Montenegrin coast. The hiking trail is located in the middle of the seacoast, just 20 km far away from Kotor as well as from Budva. If you want to spend a wonderful day in nature by the sea and hike at the same time, there is no excuse not to book this activity. The route is safe and not difficult, attractive for kids and for nature lovers who will enjoy a lovely panorama all the time.

The beach The Blue Horizons is surrounded by an interesting forest mostly made of strawberry trees which looks so attractive in the autumn when "maginja" the red fruit from the tree transforms the whole place into a very attractive one. We usually eat them during hiking. But in spring the smell of fruit flowers and the other Mediterranean herbs and trees, are so seduced and fill all your senses. The hiking trail is almost invisible from the beachside but it is marked. The total length is 4 km in one direction where the first kilometer we will go through the forest by sea and its small rocky headlands. At the end of this part of the route, there is a wooden table and benches where you can sit and have a rest.

After we pass the seaside part we'll go up one more kilometer to reach the red stone where is the marked direction to go left to the old Austrian fortress Grabovac or go down to the fisherman's village Bigova. We will suggest you take some knives with you to cut creeper vines. They grow so fast and sometimes block the hiking trail. This activity can be organized anytime in the year, in any season, and no worries, this is never crowded. Hiking up to the top the view will be impressive on Lustica Bay and the peninsula Lustica. When we will go to the top you will decide where would you like to go then, but definitely not back by the same road.

The vehicle will wait close to the top and you can go back by car to Bigova. But our suggestion is to go down walking if you can. From the beginning of the hiking trail to the end in Bigova needs 2 hours of hiking, which is not so difficult. In the small village Bigova, you can have a break on the beach or have lunch in the local traditional restaurants and tavernas. The village is located in the bay with a lot of fisherman's boats. Guests who want to see the fort Grabovac can easily do that, and then they will be dropped by car to Bigova. The fortress is 1 km far away from the red stone and it is located at the same altitude.



STEP 1: Choose your activity and the city of departure and the city of finishing the activity. This is a private tour and it is possible to change the city after the tour. For example, you can start from Budva, hike on Bigova Bay, and be dropped after activity in the cities of Tivat or Kotor. Or you can start Mrtvica Canyon from Podgorica and be dropped after activity in the cities of Budva or Kotor.


Our activities on demand are planned for smaller groups, from couples and families to the traveler's groups not bigger than 20 people.

CARS up to 4 passengers 

SUVs up to 5 passengers

MINIVANS up to 8 passengers

MINIBUSES up to 20 passengers

STEP 2: Transportation by big buses or double busses is not possible because the local roads to departure points are narrow and there is no car park for the buses. If the big group wants to take some of the activities on demand the group will be split into two or more minibusses.




Activities on demand are not guided tours. For each activity, the driver will be the escort from the agency who will drop the guests to the starting point and then wait for the guests at the finishing point. But, guests can also request a local hiking guide who will help them to pass the route.

For bigger groups, guides are obligatory, but it strongly depends on what the group wants to do. If the group wants to go on Mount Komovi and have a BBQ then the hiking guide is not necessary, but if the group wants to go around and explore nature then the guide has to lead the group.



Guests can request breakfast or a lunch break. Some activities have restaurants very close by the route like hiking Bigova Bay, some don't have restaurants nearby like hiking in Mrtvica gorge, but we can find a restaurant on our way to the starting point or on our way back after activity. Some guests can eat their own food if they want.

STEP 4: We need to be informed if some guests have a certain diet like vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, etc. Montenegrins restaurants have mostly meat/fish menus, so we need to find a place where guests will be able to eat the food they like.



All vehicles are detailed clean and have sanitizers. Drivers and passengers should wear facial masks all the time in the vehicle during the tour.

NOTE: The information above is only relevant for the 2022 season, which has been hit by an epidemic of covid-19. Every future year we will update new conditions adapted to the current situation until we come out of the pandemic and start living normally as before it.


For COVID-19 info in Montenegro click HERE


You should send us an inquiry of demanded activity by email at and we will calculate the final price.

Our booking is very flexible and is based on a voucher payment model. One voucher of 30 euros is a security deposit of the amount up to 100 euros, two vouchers up to the amount of 200 euros, etc.

The voucher is valid up to the 1st of December 2023 and is not refundable after the expiration of the valid period. After that date, we will put on sale new vouchers which will last another 2 years.

The cut-off time for confirmation of reservation is 3 days before departure. When the guests confirm the date of departure they need to pay the rest of the amount. Guests will pay the difference in the price after the voucher's amount is deducted from the full amount of the activity. In case of the impossibility of departure, the guest can give the voucher to another person who is interested to take the activity, but they need to inform us about that transaction.


Before you decide to purchase the transfer ticket check our itinerary and terms and conditions.  


For more info about activity and booking, contact us on e-mail at  or by phone (Viber and WhatsApp) at +38269039751


Hope you will enjoy our tour:)

MH Travel Agency Team


  1. Kotor
  2. Bigova
  3. Budva
  4. Podgorica
  5. Mrtvica Gorge
  6. Mount Komovi