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MH Travel Agency organizes excursions on-demand with private tailor-made itineraries. Every guest in Montenegro, no matter where is accommodated (hotel, hostel, guest house, private apartment, cruise ship, campsite, luxury resort, etc) can participate in our activity. Look at the itinerary, and If you like to take an activity you can easily make an online reservation, using the buttoBOOK NOW!

Daily Excursion in Montenegro 
Departures from Kotor, Budva, and Podgorica
Highlights: Lipa Cave and River Crnojevica
Voucher price ‎€30.00 

MH Travel Agency organizes excursions on request to some specific and popular places in Montenegro that are not combined in our standard tours. We offer two excursions on-demand, but in the future, this number may be higher if we find locations and facilities needed for a complete and interesting trip. We believe that the offers of the Lipa Cave and the Crnojević River are the perfect choice for every guest staying in the Budva Riviera, the Bay of Kotor, or the capital Podgorica. Lipa Cave and Crnojevica River are close to each other and guests can take both excursions in one day, if they prefer. Also, both visits are great opportunities for all generations, especially for families with children who will adore adventure tours in the cave or "Amazon's" boat ride on the river Crnojevica. Both locations are located in the area of Skadar Lake, near the former royal capital of Cetinje. Beautiful untouched nature, traditional villages with vineyards and gardens, and restaurants offering local food give ample reason to come and explore this part of the lake.

Both excursions are recommended from May to November. In the cave, the temperature is always the same around 11 ° C, which in summer can be very refreshing, but on the river, it can be very warm. The temperature, especially in the summer afternoon hours, can reach up to 45 ° C. Therefore, we advise you to visit Rijeka Crnojević in the morning when it is more comfortable while you can visit the cave whenever you want. The river Crnnojevica is also a habitat for many birds, of which there are over 250 species on Skadar Lake. Guests who love to photograph birds will have plenty of opportunities for outstanding shots. These are private excursions tailored to your wishes and rhythm. They can only last a few hours and can last all day, depending on how you want to spend the day. See place descriptions, choose a trip, conditions, determine your own travel plan, and we will organize everything you want. Whatever you decide, you will give yourself a wonderful day. Welcome :)



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From EUR 30

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Choose departure time, total duration of the activity, and arrival time. Private excursions always start and finish at the guest's accommodation address. 

STEP 5: In the itinerary of excursions on demand should be added only time for breakfast or lunch break. We will not accept itineraries where the chosen excursion is mixed with some visits to the places that we will pass by.  If you want to visit some city or place you can check the offers on our standard tours.

Excursion to Lipska Cave near Cetinje
Excursion to River Crnojevića on Skadar Lake

 to the 1st of December 2023


Full description of the tour you can find HERE


Lipa Cave (Lipska Cave) is 35 km far away from Budva as well as from Podgorica. Kotor is 60 km far away from the Cave. The cave is located 5 km far away from the city of Cetinje in the village of Lipe Dobrske. River Crnojevica is 15 km far away from the Lipa Cave.


Lipa Cave is the first cave in Montenegro that is fully organized for tourist visits. Guests are able to visit up to 1km of cave canals, depending on the choice of tour, although the cave has been explored for 2.5km. Landscaped paths and lighting make the cave completely safe, modern, and accessible to everyone. The cave is preserved in accordance with the world standards for the preservation of natural resources of this type. Lipska cave is a middle-sized size cave with several smaller halls where stalactites and stalagmites are not bigger than 10 meters.

The cave offers two standard visit routes. One of 400 meters in the duration of 45 minutes and another one more adventuristic of 850 meters and duration of 100 minutes. If you decide to take the short tour the light jacket can be fine, but on the tour of an hour and a half, the real jacket is recommended, as well as walking shoes.

Prices are different and go from 7euro per kid (from 5 to 15 years old ) to 11 euros for adults for the standard tour and 25 euros per kid (from 5 to 15 years old ) to 50 euros for adults for the adventure tour. There are also family and group discounts. Price includes a guide, insurance, parking, a train ride from the car park to the entrance of the cave and back, and necessary equipment like helmets.

Some animals live in the cave, like olm, blind albino cave crabs, blind beetles cave pseudoscorpions, and bats. Sometimes some guests-insects accidentally enter the cave, like butterflies and flies. The cave has a small river that flows and creates very small basins and beaches. The cave is open from 10:00 am up to 16:00 (4 pm) when the last visit is allowed. The visits are organized on 10:00, 11:30, 13:00, 14:30 and 16:00. There is a cafe with a viewpoint nearby the entrance where guests can take a rest after the cave tour.

The car park nearby the Lipa Cave is big enough for all types of vehicles including big buses for big groups. Lipa cave offers a different experience and its location not far from the coast make it very popular among tourists. The electric train transports guests from the parking lot to the entrance to the cave. MORE PHOTOS OF THE LIPA CAVE CAN SEE HERE


Rijeka Crnojević (Rijeka Crnojevica) is the name for a village and a river in the Skadar Lake National Park. The river is 12.3 km long and flows into Lake Skadar. Its source is near the cave on the hill Obod (420 meters high). The village and the river got their name thanks to the ruler Ivan Crnojević (1465 - 1490), wherein in 1493 the first book in Cyrillic "Oktoih Prvoglasnik" was printed, and in which the first pharmacy and weapons workshop in Montenegro was opened. Later, in the 19th and 20th centuries, the village became the largest port and trade center on Skadar Lake.

Danilov most (Danilo's bridge) is especially attractive for tourists who visit Rijeka Crnojeviića. The bridge was built by Prince Danilo in 1853, in memory of his father. Along the bridge, on the left bank of the river, he built the house known as Mostina, which has been preserved to this day. Here was opened a fish processing factory "Ribarstvo" in 1965 produced not only cans of bleak and carp, but also bluefish. The factory has been closed since 2013 but its industrial plant is still located in the village.

Nowadays the village Rijeka Crnojevica has not preserved much of its rich history. Unfortunately, the first printing house was not renovated, like some other important historical buildings. Apart from the newly built promenade with several exceptional restaurants, the village is actually best known as a place from where you can take a boat tour along the river gorge until its union into Skadar Lake. The name of the traditional boat used to transport passengers is "čunj" and it can hold a maximum of 8 people, the middle size boat has a capacity of 14 guests and the biggest one of 40 guests.

We organize several boat rides as well as custom-tailored boat rides. The standard and the most popular boat route is through the main river to the place where the river flows into Skadar Lake, which lasts 45 minutes. If guests want to spend double more time on the lake then we recommend "Amazon's" route which passes narrow lake tributaries full of reeds, water lilies, trees, and birds.

There is the third possibility for the boat ride which goes to the big side of Skadar Lake or to lake villages like Karuč or Vranjina where the boat ride lasts 2 hours. All boat rides start and finish at the same place by Danilo's bridge in Rijeka Crnojevica. Also, guests have the option to take a boat only in one direction. They can swim in the lake (especially in the summer), explore all they want to see, finish the boat ride in some of the traditional restaurants, or make their own picnic on some lake beach. The river water is very warm in the summer and goes up to 27°C, which makes swimming very pleasant. Waterlilies and water flowers are in their full glory in spring and early summer. 

And of course, we have to mention one of the most popular lookouts on the river gorge is Pavlova Strana (the side of Pavle, or Paul's side) where everyone wants to take a photo of the impressively beautiful river's meander. The whole gorge is not visible enough from the boat's perspective but from Pavlova's viewpoint, the whole impression of the river's beauty will get the final breathless image. 



STEP 1: Choose your activity and the city of departure and the city of finishing the excursion. This is a private tour and it is possible to change the city after the excursion, start in one city and finish the excursion in another one.


Our excursions on demand are planned for smaller groups, from couples and families to the big traveler's groups bigger than 40 people.

CARS up to 4 passengers 

SUVs up to 5 passengers

MINIVANS up to 8 passengers

MINIBUSES up to 20 passengers

BUSES up to 55 passengers

STEP 2: Excursions are not a long ride trip but the road is winding and narrow to the River Crnojevica. All smaller vehicles can pass the road from the Lipa Cave to the village River Crnojevića via the picturesque rivers' region. Buses cannot so they have to go to the main road and take the route to the River Crnojevica via the side where are the villages Dodoši and Karuč.



Excursions on-demand are not guided tours. For each excursion, the driver will be the escort from the agency who will drop the guests to the starting point and then wait for the guests at the finishing point. There is a guide in the cave who will guide the cave tour, and on the boat ride, the skipper will guide the tour on the lake. For bigger groups taking one escort staff from MH Travel Agency is obligatory per one bus. 



Guests can request breakfast or a lunch break. There are plenty of excellent restaurants very close to the Lipa Cave or in village River Crnojevica, or on Lake Skadar. Guests can demand a lunch break after, or before the excursion. Lunch or breakfast is not obligatory and guests can eat their own food if they want.

STEP 4: We need to be informed if some guests have a certain diet like vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, etc. Restaurants around the lake have mostly meat/fish menus, so we need to find a place where guests will be able to eat the food they like.



All vehicles are detailed clean and have sanitizers. Drivers and passengers should wear facial masks all the time in the vehicle during the tour.

NOTE: The information above is only relevant for the 2022 season, which has been hit by an epidemic of covid-19. Every future year we will update new conditions adapted to the current situation until we come out of the pandemic and start living normally as before it.


 For COVID-19 info in Montenegro click HERE



You should send us an inquiry of demanded activity by email at montenegrohostel@gmail.com and we will calculate the final price.

Our booking is very flexible and is based on a voucher payment model. One voucher of 30 euros is a security deposit of the amount up to 100 euros, two vouchers up to the amount of 200 euros, etc.

The voucher is valid up to the 1st of December 2023 and is not refundable after the expiration of the valid period. After that date, we will put on sale new vouchers which will last another 2 years.

The cut-off time for confirmation of reservation is 3 days before departure. When the guests confirm the date of departure they need to pay the rest of the amount. Guests will pay the difference in the price after the voucher's amount is deducted from the full amount of the activity. In case of the impossibility of departure, the guest can give the voucher to another person who is interested to take the activity, but they need to inform us about that transaction.


Before you decide to purchase the transfer ticket check our itinerary and terms and conditions.  


For more info about excursion and booking, contact us on e-mail at montenegrohostel@gmail.com  or by phone (Viber and WhatsApp) at +38269039751


Hope you will enjoy our tour:)

MH Travel Agency Team



  1. Kotor
  2. Budva
  3. Rijeka Crnojevića
  4. Podgorica