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Wine tour package in Montenegro
Highlights: Wine regions is Skadar Lake and Trebinje

Duration: 5 days
Price per person from €850.00 

MH Travel Agency presents one of the best-designed and organized 5 days wine experience tours, which in its rich itinerary visits the most important wine regions in Montenegro and Trebinje in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Indulge in the charms of wine and discover hidden gems of small wineries where you can taste different wines in an authentic ambiance, learn about the local tradition of wine growing and enjoy the family hospitality. This tour goes to famous wine regions like Crmnica (Cermeniza) and Piperi, as well as Popovo polje (Popovo field), which is the center of viticulture in Herzegovina. For true wine lovers, this tour is a real pleasure not only for opportunities to enjoy tasting excellent wines, but for other activities like discovering cities Kotor and Perast (UNESCO World heritage) located in spectacular Boka Bay, then visiting the former royal capital Cetinje, which is the center of Montenegrin tradition, and visiting the old town of Bar located in the Southern part of the coast. Guests will also experience the tour through the Lipa cave located near Cetinje, visit the ruins of ancient Roman city Doclea located near Podgorica the capital, and have a boat ride on Skadar lake national park.

It would take us much more than 5 days to visit all the wineries in Montenegro including the famous Plantage as one of the largest vineyards in Europe. But we don’t want you to see it all at once, we want you to come back and continue with us on some new wine routes where you will taste again an intense red wine Vranac, which is Montenegrin people's national pride. The grape variety of Montenegrin Vranac makes it the best after a few years of staying in the bottle. In oak's wine barrel wine can stay longer and be equally good as the powerful wines of southern France.

More than 80% of all Montenegrin vineyards are covered by the Vranac grape variety. The parent of this grape is the famous wine variety Kratošija, the oldest and most important wine variety in this area, from which the famous Croatian "plavac" originated. Also, as one of the written sources of kratošija is mentioned the Statute of the city of Budva from the 15th of the century where twenty chapters talk about wine and viticulture in this city and one is dedicated exclusively to kratošija which is probably the earliest a well-known mention of this variety and one of the proofs that it spread from these parts of Montenegro to the region and the world. That is the reason why we placed our tour in Budva from where we will explore the wine routes on the coast and in central Montenegro. This interesting, educational and exceptional journey will make your wine experience, so let’s take the wine trails enjoying life and wine culture:)

Type of the tour package: wine tasting tour
Duration: 5 days (6 nights)
Highlights: Crmnica, Piperi, and Trebinje wine region, cities Kotor, Budva, and Bar, Lipa Cave, and Skadar Lake
Total wine degustations: 4 (minimum of 16 types of wines in total)


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From the 3rd of June to the 8th of June 2022

From the 18th of June to the 23rd of June 2022


From the 9th of September to the 14th of September 2022

From the 16th of September to the 21st of September 2022



Individual arrive

The early evening sightseeing of the old town of Budva




Visiting the old town of Bar

Wine tasting in a winery in Crmnica region with traditional Montenegrin snacks

Back to Budva late aftrenoon


3 DAY 


Excursion to the Kotor Bay, the old town of Kotor medieval place Perast,  and the old town of Trebinje 

Wine tasting in a winery in Trebinje region matched with lunch prepared  from the local ingredients

Visiting monasters Tvrdoš and Hercegovačka Gračanica

Back to Budva late aftrenoon




Visiting Lipa cave and the ancient city of Doclea

Wine, brandy, and cognac tasting at a unique Wine Estate in Piperi region with traditional Montenegrin snacks

Back to Budva late aftrenoon          


5 DAY 


Boat ride on Skadar Lake National Park

 Visiting monastery St. Nicola on island Vranjina

Wine tasting in the traditional winery with lunch/wine matching

Back to Budva late aftrenoon


6 DAY 


Individual departures


Full description of the tour you can find HERE


We will go to cities Budva, Bar, Cetinje, Podgorica and Trebinje 



Crmnica is a region in Montenegro located in between mountains Sutomoran and Rumija from one side and Skadar Lake from another, which is administratively within the territory of the municipality of Bar. Crmnica's region is famous for its vineyards and wine production for centuries. We may say that the best grapes come from Crmnica's reddish land. The most popular village in this area is Virpazar as the tourist destination in Skadar Lake. Crmnica is located at an ideal altitude with the terrain exposed to the sun more than 200 days of the year, which influenced that become Montenegro’s primary wine region.

This is the place of origin of Vranac, the autochthonous Montenegrin variety of grapes that have been growing in the Skadar Lake valley since the 14th century. Traditionally, this region is full of small wine producers and some of them put a lot of effort in last years to create impressively beautiful vineyards with high standards of wine production and wine cellars. We will go to visit two of the most representative family wine production, passing a narrow road through Crmnica's villages with a spectacular view of the lake.



Wine production was exploded in Trebinje region in the last 20 years and grows constantly. Traditionally Popovo polje (the large field between cities Trebinje and Ljubinje) was the most important wine region in Hercegovina from ancient times. Illyrians first 300 BC and then Romans (from 1st to 4th of centuries) produced wine thanks to the area’s natural preconditions, such as the specificity of Herzegovinian karst soil and sun. Unfortunately, the long history of winemaking was often interrupted by various historic and cultural events. For example,  numerous wars and crises occurred with the arrival of Turkish culture to this area, which banned wine production or forbade the consumption of wine in public.

Nowadays there are about 20 registered commercial wineries. Some of them are quite large and there are several small wineries that have made a significant step forward into wine tourism. We will visit one of the first modern wineries to begin commercial production and It is considered the leader in the production of the specialty white wine, Žilavka. The winery owns vineyards dating back to the nineteenth century and the period of the Austro-Hungarian monarchy.

Also, we will visit the famous Orthodox monastery Tvrdos which started with wine production 10 years ago. Monks from the monastery planted a vineyard in the Trebinje area, and today, the monastery has two wine basements. In the old stone cellar from the 15th century, cormorant matures in century-old oak barrels, and only a dozen meters away, next to the Trebišnjica, the monastery built a new basement equipped with the most modern technology and perfectly integrated into the existing monastery complex.



Montenegro has four wine regions The Montenegrin basin of Skadar Lake is the largest and covers the continental area around the lake. The second is the Montenegrin coast from Herceg Novi to Ulcinj. The third special region and the smallest is the wine-growing oasis Nudo, a specific small area in the municipality of Niksic that has all the characteristics of Herzegovina where is Žilavka is the leading variety, and finally, there is a completely new region of the Montenegrin north, which includes cold areas like Piperi area where the height is higher, and where Vranac shows completely different characteristics. The harvest is two weeks late compared to the Plantage in Ćemovsko field, and here you can even get very good chardonnays because the nights are significantly colder.

In Piperi region we will visit the exceptional family wine production. In their vineyards, there are three varieties of red grapes: Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah and Vranac (which is the backbone of their winery), and from white grape, Žižak (indigenous variety from the area of Tivat), as well as Traminac from Italy and aromatic grape Malvasia from Istria. They produce only barrique wines in oak barrels that come from Napa Valley in California. In addition to wine, visitors to their winery can find products such as organic honey, essential oil, cognac, and brandy.



5 days wine experience Montenegro
 tour has four terms, two in June from 3rd to 8th and from 18th to 23rd, and two in September from 9th to 14th and from 16th to 21st. The group size is from a minimum of 4 up to a maximum of 12 individual guests. 

Guest will be accommodated in guest house 3* located in the city of Budva. Each room has a bathroom, balcony, LCD TV, cable channels, WI-Fi, fridge, air-condition, water kettle, and selection of tea/coffee in the room. Rooms have double beds and twin beds. Breakfast is included in the price. The property is 500 meters far away from the main Slovenska beach in Budva.



The first day is reserved for individual arrivals of guests. In the late afternoon, we organize sightseeing of the Budva old town, one of the oldest towns on the Montenegrin coast originating in 500 BC. The next day we will drive along the panoramic Budva Riviera and after 7 km make a stop at the viewpoint of the famous St. Stefan island, and continue our drive to the old town Bar. After the visit, we will take a break next to the city walls in an oriental stone-paved street with cafes, restaurants, and souvenir shops.

Traditional Turkish coffee and sweets will be the perfect choice before continuing the tour to one of the most beautiful wineries located in the Crmnica region. This is one of the biggest privately-owned wineries with an exclusive wine line and unique wine preservation in Italian terracotta amphoras and amphoras from Grusia. The vineyard itself is positioned on a hillside with fabulous views where guests will taste 7 wine sorts with local snacks made by smoked ham, cheese, olives, and bread.

The third day has a very ambitious itinerary and guests will see a lot of interesting things. First, we will go to Boka Bay and its most remarkable cities Kotor, and Perast. In Kotor, we will make a city tour and in Perast we will make a photo stop on the viewpoint on its beautiful church islands Lady of the Rocks and St. George. Then we will continue to the winery in Trebinje, which is 2 hours od ride.

In the wine gallery, guests will have lunch with tasting wine white, rose, and red with a traditional meal cooked from the local ingredients. On our way back we will visit the orthodox monastery Hercegovačka Gračanica and the old town of Trebinje. We will return to Budva in the late afternoon.

The next day we will go toward the ex-royal capital Cetinje and visit  Lipa cave located in the vicinity. The cave is open 800 meters for tourist visits and has plenty of beautifully shaped underground features and several cave halls. Then we will go to Doclea the ancient ruins from the Roman epoch from the 4th century and located just a few kilometers far away from Podgorica. The highlight of the day is the visit to the family-owned Wine Estate in Piperi village. 

This is one of the best wine production in Montenegro with wines that have been prized on many acknowledged European fairs. Their fruit brandies and cognac are enriched with a fine selection of local herbs, which makes the enjoyment unique. The testing of 3 wines, 1 fruit brandy, Porto, and cognac in the rustic ambiance of their wine cellar is followed by a traditional Montenegrin snack.

The last visit is reserved for an easy boat ride on Skadar lake the National Park and go to Vranjina the biggest island on the lake where is located orthodox monastery, St Nicola, from the 13th century with a history related to the Petrovici ruler family. Then we will enjoy lunch in a beautiful family winery in Crmnica. In a rustical traditional atmosphere, guests will enjoy the Montenegrin specialty of roast veal followed by the taste of 3 wine etiquettes (2 red wines and 1 white wine), after which we will return Budva in the late afternoon.

After breakfast, the next day guests will have their individual departures, or they can extend their stay if they prefer.



NOTE: We can also organize a private Wine Experience Tour. If you have any special requests contact us by e-mail at



Tour is organized by air-conditioned cars, minivans, or minibusses.


5 overnights with breakfast

vehicles for visits and sightseeing

English speaking guided tours in the old town of Budva, Kotor, Bar, Doclea, and Lipa Cave

Boat ride on Skadar Lake

Wine tasting, lunch, and snacks in wineries


Individual arrive in Montenegro

Transfer from and to the airport 

Tip for the driver/guide


The accommodation rooms will be clean according to the hygiene standards but because of the COVID-19 epidemic, the recommended rules of the Institute of Public Health of Montenegro are as follows:

The rooms should be clean every third day but in a way, that staff does not enter the room. Guests will get the clean clean towels and linen, and they should put them on their beds and put the used bedding and the garbage in the hall outside of the room. The guest will get the disinfectants to wash the floor or bathroom.

We highly recommend guests wear facial masks outside, and in any public transportation. Inside the guesthouse, guests should keep their distance as much as they could avoiding unnecessary contacts. Washing hands and using hands sanitizer are very important to prevent infection.
All vehicles are detailed clean and have sanitizers. Drivers, guides, and guests should wear facial masks all the time during the tour.

Guests who notice any health symptoms such as fever, nausea, diarrhea, or headache should contact the accommodation's owner at the phone number who will provide the room where the guests will be isolated from other guests until a diagnosis is made.  In the case that guest has an infection of COVID-19 guest will stay in isolation up to the guest's recovery following the instructions of the doctor.

NOTE: The information above is only relevant for the 2022 season, which has been hit by an epidemic of covid-19. Every future year we will update new conditions adapted to the current situation until we come out of the pandemic and start living normally as before it.

For COVID-19 info in Montenegro click HERE


Before you decide to purchase the tour ticket check our itinerary and terms and conditions. 


For more info about the tour and booking, contact us on e-mail at  or by phone (Viber and WhatsApp) at +38269039751


Hope you will enjoy our tour:)

MH Travel Agency Team


  1. Budva
  2. The old town of Bar
  3. Virpazar
  4. Crmnica
  5. Podgorica-Dolea
  6. Lipa Cave
  7. The old town of Kotor
  8. Perast
  9. Trebinje