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MH Travel Agency provides accommodation for a long-term stay for individuals and groups in Montenegro. Renters like guest houses, apartments, beds and breakfast, and hostels offer budget prices and excellent conditions for a long-term stay. Look at the overview, prices, facilities, conditions, and if you like it you can easily make a reservation for your group using the button BOOK NOW!

Long term stay in Montenegro
Residence: City of Budva

Duration: 1-12 months
Voucher price from €100.00 

MH Travel Agency organizes rent and a long-term stay in the city of Budva, as the first digital nomad center in Montenegro. Compare with other cities Budva has all the necessary facilities for everyone who recognizes themselves as digital nomads, active travelers, snowbirds, freelancers, remote workers, or people who work "from home away from home". Our offers are so unique and completely different from anything similar that you will find for a long-term stay in our country or even most countries in the world. As the strategic partner of the Association of Accommodation Renters of Montenegro, we can find the best deals for individuals' and groups' long-term stays. The minimum period for long-term rent is 1 month, which is the most wanted among digital nomads. Some guests stay up to 3 months which is the maximum stay for most passport holders based on the tourist visa. We provide renters of guest houses, apartments, beds and breakfasts, and hostels. Prices are budgeted from 200 euros up to 600 euros per month, depending on the type of accommodation unit and its location. On this particular web page, you can get all information on how to book long-term accommodation in the city of Budva. The period when the offers are active is from the 15th of September up to the 15th of June every year.

Budva become so popular among a digital generation of nomads because the city follows trends listening to all that modern tourists want and improving the offers constantly. Most part of the city has a fiber-optic network with superfast internet. Free wi-fi is everywhere from cafes, restaurants, beaches, accommodations up to public places. With more than 200 sunny days per year and 6 months of the beach season, the city is the perfect spot for "snowbirds", or everyone who wants to change cold and darker North for the bright, warm and sunny South where is the average temperature in the winter 12°C. 

Budva has 20 000 different accommodation units from budget up to very luxurious ones.  Also, the city has more than 150 restaurants and cafes, 50 beauty salons, 20 gyms, 10 tennis courts, 6 km of the promenade, 40 beaches, 2 shopping malls, a port for yachts, sailing boats, etc. But the best thing is that Budva has budget offers for every guest, from the hitchhiker and backpackers up to famous stars and celebrities.

The total population of the city is 12,000 citizens, while in the whole municipality live approx. 20 000 citizens. Our main goal is to provide customer service for travelers who need to work while travel  (partial or full time) especially for the people who in this covid-19 era want to try benefits working from a temporary home in some lovely Mediterranean destination like Budva:) In the text that follows in a few simple steps, you can select the desired accommodation with the facilities and conditions you prefer. If you want to explore more about co-working and social hubs in Budva you can read more in our article HERE. If you want to continue your remote work in the neighboring countries in Balkans read more HERE. Welcome:)

Type of accommodation: guest houses, bed and breakfast, and hostels
Duration: minimum 1 month
Type of rooms: private rooms, apartments, and dorm rooms

Prices: budget 
City: Budva



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From EUR 100

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Our booking is very flexible and is based on a voucher payment model. After we calculate the full price for your stay you can buy vouchers as a security deposit.
One voucher of 100 euros is a security deposit of the amount up to 300 euros, two vouchers up to the amount of 600 euros, etc.

The voucher is valid up to the 1st of December 2023 and is not refundable after the expiration of the valid period. After that date, we will put on sale new vouchers which will last another 2 years. The cut-off time for confirmation of reservation is 3 days before departure.

Upon arrival, the representative from our agency and the renter center will wait for the guest and the guest will personally see the chosen accommodation. The guest will check a few chosen options and then will decide which accommodation wants to stay. 

After check-in, the guest will pay the difference of the price after the voucher's amount is deducted from the full amount of stay to the owner of the accommodation.

In case of impossibility of arrival, the guest can give the vouchers to another guest who is interested come, but they need to inform us about that transaction.


 to the 1st of December 2023


Full description of the tour you can find HERE


Chosen accommodation can be in any location in the city of Budva. Budva's municipality is 20km long and has some places excellent for the summer season, but in the off-season, we will recommend locations only in the city of Budva itself. Here is the list of Budva's parts with their specific and location advantages.

The Old Town of Budva is the most historic part of Budva with the beaches all around the city walls, and excellent facilities for staying inside. The town has its shops, the post-office, grocery stores, cafes, restaurants, churches, etc. Wi-fi speed is the standard one 8 Mb/sec (download) and 1Mb/sec (upload). Because of the limited space in traditional old stone houses, the rooms and apartments are not extra-large.

Gospoština is a very small hill next to the old town mostly with private rooms and apartments with a view of the old town and the sea. Rooms are modern, large with good facilities. Access to the rooms is by public stairs and by narrow streets. 

Pod Magistralom is the part of the town that is located from the main Adriatic Highway (Jadranska magistrala) to the seafront and promenade. This area has a lot of hotels as well as private apartments located in modern buildings up to 16 floors high. The distance of the beach is from 50 up to 300 meters. This is also a very central location with excellent facilities.

Babin Do is a small hill above Adriatic Highway full of family houses with rooms and apartments. The distance to the beach is 500 meters to 1 km. Some houses have an excellent view but their location is higher on the hill.

Golubovina, Potkošljun, and Velji Vinogradi are parts of Budva with mostly residential buildings not higher than 8 floors, and with a lot of apartments for rent. The buildings mostly don't have any specific view, but they offer large size of apartments for a very affordable price. All locations are very central with 800 meters distance from the beach. 

Budva Center is the administrative center of Budva where is the city hall, bus station, ambulance, police, high school,  etc. The renters are mostly in the next Maine and Babalonia streets where is a mix of residential buildings and family houses with apartments for rent. 

Bijeli Do and Dubovica are parts of Budva located on the slopes of Velje Brdo (The Big Hill) on up to 70 meters of altitude. Both parts are a mix of residential buildings and family houses with a lot of apartments for rent. The distance from the beach is from 500 meters to 1 km.

Lazi is part of Budva also located on the slopes of Velje Brdo but close to the Orthodox monastery Maine. It is a combination of residential buildings (1km far away from the beach) as well as private houses with gardens, pools, vineyards, and splendid views of the Budva (1km up to 3 km far away from the beach).

STEP 1: Choose your favorite part of the city but whatever you decide you don't need public transportation or a taxi. The walking distance to any part of the town is approx. 30 minutes



Accommodation for the long term can have two, three, or four stars.:

1. Hostels are an option for individuals who want to spend less than 10 euros per bed per day. Our hostel Montenegro Hostel B&B Budva is located in the old town offers a bed in a shared dorm for 200 euros for one month of staying.

2. Private rooms with bathrooms (double bed or twin bed) with 2 or 3 stars are offered for the prices of 250 to 300 euro per room per month.

3. Private apartments (3 or 4 stars) go with prices from 300 up to 400 euros per month.

4. Luxury apartments and private rooms, close to the seafront have prices from 500 up to 600 euro per month.

STEP 2: Unlike the summer season, when the price of accommodation largely depends on the location, in the sub-season it is not so crucial, so the prices are uniform throughout the city. Each accommodation has some advantages such as a view, or the proximity of a promenade, or a gym or swimming pool, etc.


The facilities you want to specify before booking is final are certainly the speed of the Internet that suits you as well as the need to have a workspace in the apartment with an adequate desk and chair. You can demand the apartment facing the sunny side, or have a sea view, or be in a quiet zone, etc. You can actually request all the facilities that would not reduce your productivity, especially if you have to work in the evening or during the night.

STEP 3: Try to be very detailed in choosing the requested facilities. We will try to find the accommodation with all that you want, but it will be very useful to tell what is the most important thing for you to help us in our search.


The basic conditions are:

Guests' REGISTRATION and the city tax are obligatory and cost 1 euro per person per day of staying. The city tax is not included in the price of staying.

BREAKFAST can be served in the accommodation's restaurant (if the accommodation has any) or in the restaurant nearby. The breakfast is not obligatory and costs appx 5 euros per person depending on the type (buffet or continental). The breakfast is not included in the price of staying.  

CAR PARKING is not free in the zone of the old town. The private houses mostly have their own private car park lots, while residential buildings have shared car park lots.

Our STAFF and the owner of the MH Travel agency are available 24/7. For everything you need you can ask on the phone number (WhatsApp or Viber) 0038269039751, or by e-mail at montenegrohostel@gmail.com 

STEP 4: In addition to the basic conditions, you can select the conditions you extra want like half board or full board in the restaurant nearby, daily cleaning, lower floor, elevator access to the room, etc.



The accommodation rooms will be clean according to the hygiene standards but because of the COVID-19 epidemic, the recommended rules of the Institute of Public Health of Montenegro are as follows: 

The rooms should be clean every third day but in a way, that staff does not enter the room. Guests will get the clean clean towels and linen, and they should put them on their beds and put the used bedding and the garbage in the hall outside of the room. The guest will get the disinfectants to wash the floor or bathroom.
We highly recommend guests wear facial masks outside, and in any public transportation. Inside the guesthouse, guests should keep their distance as much as they could avoiding unnecessary contacts. Washing hands and using hands sanitizer are very important to prevent infection.
Guests who notice any health symptoms such as fever, nausea, diarrhea, or headache should contact the accommodation's owner at the phone number who will provide the room where the guests will be isolated from other guests until a diagnosis is made.  In the case that guest has an infection of COVID-19 guest will stay in isolation up to the guest's recovery following the instructions of the doctor.

NOTE: The information above is only relevant for the 2022 season, which has been hit by an epidemic of covid-19. Every future year we will update new conditions adapted to the current situation until we come out of the pandemic and start living normally as before it.

For COVID-19 info in Montenegro click HERE


For more info about the  booking, contact us on e-mail at montenegrohostel@gmail.com  or by phone (Viber and WhatsApp) at +38269039751


Before you decide to make a reservation check our terms and conditions.


We hope you will have a pleasant stay:)


Montenegro Hostel Team



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