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Big Montenegro Tour was created in 2008 for our travelers and since then it has been MH Travel Agency's most valuable brand,which we are very proud of.
Thousands of people took this tour in the last 10 years, and thousands of photos and impressions are spread out all over the World, confirming how beautiful Montenegro is. If you are interested in taking this tour read carefully the itinerary of the tour, see the video presentation, read about places we will visit, learn more about conditions and terms, and we are pretty sure that you will be taking a seat on the tour.


10 years ago when we formed this tour it represented a part of the Montenegro Tour but with its duration of 12 hours we had to add the epithet "Big". With time a lot of tourist agencies especially the ones in Kotor decided to copy the same or similar itinerary while organizing their tours. Because of that a lot of buses were departing and arriving at the same time and place making a crowd from the very beginning which is very unpleasant for the guests. 

That's when we decided to make the new concept for this tour and define its itinerary the way it would make it more comfortable for a 21 century traveller giving them more unforgettable photos. The altered itinerary of the Big Montenegro Tour is unique and we can guarantee that we are the only agency that uses this tour route. All crowds will be avoided, especially the days with high temperatures (during summer) will be spent in mountainous areas where its more pleasant. We thought through every detail of this amazing tour so that the guests have more than enough time to visit every tourist attraction that we visit.

The guests that remember the old Big Montenegro Tour know that we used to visit the Ostrog monastery, but because of the large groups of pilgrims that come to the monastery (the number doubled in the last couple of years) we decided to exclude that part of the tour. Now the Big Montenegro Tour with its new concept makes it shorter and enables the return to Budva and Kotor before the afternoon traffic jams.



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From EUR 35

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8:00 departure from Kotor in front of restaurant Bastion 3 (Tabacina street, next to the North Gate of the old town of Kotor)

8:45 departure from Budva in front of Voli supermarket (Mediteranska street, next to the car park of hotel Avala and Mogren)

9:00 photo stop at St. Stefan of 10 minutes

10:00 arrival in Virpazar

Breakfast break and sightseeing of 90 minutes

11:30 departure from Virapazar

12:15 arrival in Rijeka Crnojevica

Photo stop at the view-point of 15 minutes

12:30 departure from Rijeka Crnojevica

13:15 arrival at Cetinje (Royal Capital city of Montenegro)

City tour in Cetinje of 90 minutes

14:45 departure from Cetinje

15:30 arrival at the Njegos's Mausoleum on Lovcen NP

Sightseeing of 45 minutes

16:15 departure from Mausoleum

16:30 arrival at the 25th serpentine

Photo stop at the view-point of 15 minutes

17:30 arrival in Kotor (next to the supermarket Idea)

18:00 arrival in Budva (on the bus stop next to the NLB Bank)



The tour starts at 8 o’clock in the morning from Kotor, which avoids the great traffic jam caused by the disembarkation of guests from numerous cruisers. After a 45 minute (maximum) drive we arrive to Budva where we take guests from that city and continue to Sveti Stefan where we make a 10 minute photo stop. The most beautiful pictures of St. Stefan you can take are the morning so we will be at the right time in the right place. After this short photo-stop we continue to the right-hand side of the attractive Budvanska  Riviera so you will be able to see the beautiful Budva panorama and places Rezevici, Petrovac and Buljarica.

Right after leaving Budva, we will continue the road towards Skadar Lake using the longest tunnel in Montenegro called Sozina (about 5 km long). Only in case of big summer jams we will go the altrenative road through the mountain Paštrovska Gora, but nevertheless in Virpazar we will arrive accordingly to the itinerary time.

Virpazar is the most famous little town on the Lake of Skadar and it is very popular among tourists from all over the world. We'll take an hour and a half break here. Guests who want to have breakfast can do it in several extraordinary traditional restaurants, they can take a walk to the 15th century Besac fortress and photograph the lake panorama, they can shop in the famous green market where only organic food is sold from nearby villages (fruits, vegetables, cheese , dried meat, honey, brandy, liqueurs and wine), and can take a boat ride.

We highly recommend an hour long boat ride, because guests can see the Albanian side of the lake with the town of Skhoder, then the 18th-century Lesendro fortress, the bird sanctuary and several islands on the lake, almost 50 times the lake has.

Skadar Lake is the largest lake in the Balkans, 60% of the lake belongs to Montenegro and 40% is Albanian. Since 1983 it has been declared a national park. There are over 250 bird species on Skadar Lake including pelican and flamingos. Boats and tourist boats on Skadar Lake are not very fast, so with a good camera you can make excellent bird pictures, especially when you're passing the bird sanctuary silently at minimum speed.

After visiting Virpazar, we go to the old road to Rijeka Crnojevića and the famous gazebo from which there is a breathtaking  view of the delta of the river. In this 25 km way, you will see the traditional villages in the lake surroundings where people still live and work as farmers.

That's why we made a beautiful circle around the larger part of the lake, and the experience of the Lake of Skadar was maximized. After the photo stop on the River Crnojević, we are heading towards Cetinje, the royal capital of Montenegro. Cetinje is not a big city thats why the most important historical core can be visited in 40 minutes. After that, guests are left with enough time for lunch.

We will leave Cetinje around 3 pm and with less than an hour through the National Park Lovćen, we will reach the second largest peak (Jezerski Vrh) of 1660 meters where the famous mausoleum of Peter II Petrović Njegoš is located. In the following hours there will be no crowds on the Mausoleum, that's why you'll be able to enjoy the view and make impressive photos of the panorama. After visiting the Mausoleum, the busiest and best part of the tour comes. Fantastic descent to Kotor (25-way serpentine route) where you will get an impressive view of the Bay of Kotor. We will make a photo stop on the lookout and enjoy a beautiful view, one of the most beautiful in the world. The road  will not be burdened with traffic, and the magnificent nature of the bay, will turn the end of this tour into absolute enjoyment.

Tour is organized by air conditioned cars or minivans or minibuses.

Price includes
Licensed tour guide on English language.

Price doesn't include 
Entrance fee for Njegos's Mausoleum of 3 euro (this is not obligatory)

Boat ride includes entrance fee of Skadar Lake National Park costs 10 euro (this is not obligatory).
City tax in Cetinje of 1 euro
Standard breakfast costs from 5 till 7 euro
Standard lunch costs from 8 till 12 euro

Guests can use their own food and drink (breakfast and lunch are not mandatory).

NOTE: Guests who want to bring their luggage on the tour and finish the tour in another city ( Kotor or Budva) can easily do that. There is no luggage fee.


For more info about the tour and booking, contact us on e-mail or by phone 0038269039751

Hope you will enjoy on our tour:)


  1. Kotor departure point in front of restaurant Bastion 3 (Tabacina street)
  2. Budva departure point in front of Voli supermarket (Mediteranska street)
  3. St. Stefan (Sveti Stefan)
  4. Virpazar
  5. Rijeka Crnojevica (view point)
  6. Cetinje (Royal Capital city of Montenegro)
  7. Njegos's Mausoleum on Lovcen National Park
  8. 25th serpentine (view point on Kotor Bay)
  9. Back to Kotor and Budva