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From EUR 25

MH Travel has created this tour especially for the guests who stay in Kotor and in Kotor Bay. This is a budget tour where the guests who prefer to spend the holiday in Kotor want to visit and explore the most popular tourist destination on the Montenegrin coast. Budva is very much different than the city of Kotor and attracts guests who want to spend their vacation mostly on the beach and enjoy the good nightlife. Budva has a nickname "Queen of the Mediterranean" and no other city on the Adriatic coast has developed as fast as Budva. We could say that Budva has tripled its size in the last 10 years when it comes to buildings in general.

Despite the urban chaos and brand new buildings, apartments, and hotels, Budva always finds a way for guests to have a good time. Maybe it is because of so many offers, so many beaches, activities, restaurants, shops, pubs, clubs, open-air discotheques and thousands of guests on promenade every day and night. You can spend the summer with a low budget or high budget, Budva caters to everyone. This makes this city very unique.

In the last 20 years, Budva became recognized as the party town and is attracting youth from all over the world. This is the city with the biggest open-air discotheque in Montenegro named Top Hill, this is also the city where the biggest world-famous rock and pop starts had concerts like Rolling Stones and Madonna. This is the city where all of the best DJs in the world have had sets. Budva has the biggest Aqua Park, numerous beaches, and of course Sea Dance Exit Festival.

We decided to offer the guests a tour where they can see Budva and St. Stefan without any rush and spend time on some of Budva's beaches if they want so. 



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From EUR 25

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8:00 departure from Kotor
8:45 arrival to  Budva
City Tour and breakfast break of 2 hours
10:45 departure from City of Budva
11:00 arrival to St. Stefan
Sightseeing of St. Stefan Park and beaches of 3 hours
14:00 departure from St. Stefan
15:00 arrival to Kotor


Full BIO of the tour you can find HERE.

The tour starts from Kotor and we go to the old town of Budva where the guests will get the city tour and be introduced with its 2500-year-old history. Guests will also be informed about the main spots as well as the beaches next to the town. The old town in Budva is surrounded by beaches: Mogren, Pizana, and Brijeg od Budve (the popular name is Richard's beach).

After visiting Budva's old town zone, we will go to St. Stefan, the most beautiful place on the Montenegrin coast. We should be there up to 11:00 where the guests will be offered to take a tour of the island of 45 minutes. The guided tour is organized by hotel resort St.Stefan and costs 20 euro per person in the summer season and in offseason, it is 10 euro per person. St. Stefan is amazingly beautiful inside. The panoramic view of St. Stefan is surely one of the most memorable sights along Montenegro’s coast, photographed so many times that it is almost impossible to imagine a promotional brochure or video without its enchanting sight. This miniature island is dotted with stone houses and joined with the mainland by a sandy isthmus which the sea currents have built during the ages. It is an exclusive tourist resort visited by the rich and famous with each house serving as a separate luxurious apartment.

The history of Sveti Stefan goes back to the 15th century when Paštrovići clan helped the besieged Kotor by attacking the Turks from their rear. Returning from this victory, Paštrovići learned that the Turkish fleet is harbored near Budva. The surprise attack was a success and great booty was obtained from the sunken ships. Expecting the Turkish reprisal, they decided to use the loot to build a fort on this craggy island. On the island, each of twelve families had a house while jointly they built a church dedicated to St Stefan which gave the name of their settlement. The attack indeed came and was later repeated many times, but the island fort withstood them all, serving as a refuge for all the clan members during the worst of times. Gradually more houses were built in this stronghold by Paštrovići merchants and by those who turned to attack the Turkish ships and the small town soon became an unofficial capital of the clan. At the beginning of the 19th century, the “smallest town in the Adriatic” grew to 400 inhabitants but shortly afterward it started to decay due to the demise of the sailing ships. When in 1954 the number of inhabitants fell to just 21 it was then decided to resettle them and turn the island into an apartment hotel.

The first cove to the north of Sveti Stefan is the famous Miločer beach. This quaint inlet has the one-time residence of King Aleksandar, a nice 1934 villa in the style of local stone houses. Its sides are sheltered by thick groves while the wooded park behind the villa was populated with tropical plants during the time it was king’s reserve. One rocky hill further beyond Miločer is the small Kraljičina plaža  (“Queens Beach”) named after Aleksandar’s wife Marija who regularly enjoyed its 120 m of sand surrounded with cypress trees and olives.

Guests who want to take the tour on the island can do that, and guests who don't want to enter the town can explore the Royal park Milocer. All the guests can stay on the beach in St. Stefan and enjoy that miraculous place. Restaurants out of the island are affordable, but the guests who want to take lunch inside St. Stefan can do that. The average price of lunch per person is 50 euro.

Our main goal was to introduce the customers from Kotor to Budva and St. Stefan in a relaxing way and to enjoy it as much as they can. The tour starts and ends before the big traffic jam and tourist crowd. 


Tour is organized by air-conditioned cars, minivans or minibusses.

Price includes
Licensed tour guide on the English language.

Price doesn't include 

Entrance fee for St. Stefan island with the 45 minutes guided tour organized by the hotel of 10 or 20 euro per person (not mandatory)
Standard breakfast costs from 5 till 7 euro
Standard lunch costs from 8 till 12 euro

Guests can use their own food and drink (breakfast and lunch are not mandatory).
NOTE: guests who want to bring their luggage on the tour and finish the tour in Budva can easily do that. There is no luggage fee.


For more info about the tour and booking, contact us on e-mail montenegrohostel@gmail.com or by phone 0038269039751

Hope you will enjoy on our tour:)


  1. Kotor departure point in front of restaurant Bastion 3 (Tabacina street)
  2. Old Town of Budva
  3. St.Stefan island and St. Stefan beach